No hate, genuine question... why do people use #Matrix over #XMPP?

Aside from "XMPP is old" I don't see any reason to favour Matrix. I also don't see XMPP being around long enough to have a strong ecosystem that's constantly built on to be a bad thing.

From a #selfhosting perspective XMPP is far easier to run as well.

For E2EE they both use OMEMO.

And ofc it's in the name, XMPP is extensible.

"Old" is not just about time, but also about UX.
I don't like Matrix at all, but it's close to current generation of messengers for genal audience.

@skobkin what's bad about the UX of Conversations? It looks pretty much the same as Signal, WhatsApp, Threema, etc and not all that different to Element really except less crowded. There's also other clients, some a fork of Conversations, that are designed with a more customisable UX. All the properly maintained ones people actually use have a modern feel.

> "The devil is in the details"

The same small details which make current proprietary messengers more friendly to the user.

For example how many years it took for XMPP to release XEP-0363? If I'm not wrong, it was released only in 2020.

Also if I'm not mistaken, Conversations still doesn't support it according to this page:


BTW, I had my XMPP server (ejabberd, then migrated to prosody) running in ~2007-2016, but I've shut it down because neither me nor other users were interested in it anymore.


You're mistaken on multiple points. only goes back to 2019, but already the vast majority of servers supported it then. I haven't done extensive digging, but I found evidence of support in Conversations in at least 2015.

@mattj @skobkin

Conversations absolutely supports it today for certain, I set it up on my own server, tested it in Conversations directly after, and it works perfectly.

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