"I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that."

Ever seen this sad story in land? But your client does support ? Such issues can be tricky to debug sometimes.

We just published a new module, mod_debug_omemo. It adds a unique link to the end of these messages. When opened, it will reveal OMEMO debug info that can help identify why the message couldn't be decrypted.

Thanks to @zash for some last-minute testing and fixes 🙂

Hopefully mod_debug_omemo will lead to some useful insights and improvements of OMEMO handling across clients!

It's a very new module, so if you try it please report any issues (the Prosody chatroom is a great place to do that).

@mattj very cool and useful idea!

Is there any document that explains the common pitfalls as a kind of FAQ?

@aslmx The page mod_debug_omemo generates actually includes some reasons. I'm actually hoping we can get more information about what common problems exist by people using this module.

From what I've seen it's often people using older servers (they are disappearing though), it also comes from trying to use non-OMEMO clients on the same account as an OMEMO-capable client. There are also some edge cases for groups when members are not contacts (it should work in theory...). Client bugs. We'll see! 🙂

@mattj I am very familiar with those messages. Excited to try this out later this week.


Can this module be adapted to debug #OX, too, if that ever should become relevant? #yearoftheox #Jabber #XMPP

You know OX doesn't need debugging 😉

The two protocols are very different, both on the wire and in their trust models. This module would do nothing useful that a client couldn't display just as easily in OX.

But sure, if such a thing seems necessary then the same technique could be used.

@mattj @debacle
> You know OX doesn't need debugging 😉

No deployment -> no bugs :P

@vanitasvitae @mattj

Almost no deployment! There are #Gajim (OpenPGP plugin), #profanity, and #xmppc

I had hoped to get some people to sponsor #OX in #Conversations, but when I asked, only few people were willing and able to pay for the development.


@debacle @vanitasvitae @mattj implementation is planned in Libervia for the second part of the nlnet project.

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