A couple of months ago I wrote a post about 's user-first approach being part of the inspiration for @snikket_im

I praised Signal for this focus, but cautioned about their centralization of infrastructure and governance.

I didn't expect it to become relevant quite so soon 😞

This week confirmed that 1) Signal does not develop their code in the open 2) they are integrating in-app payments via a new privately-held cryptocurrency that the founder is involved with.



The writing has been on the wall since day zero. It was so big that a blind man could see it, from a great distance.

But no, a lot of people chose to buy Benham's pathetic twaddle about the supposed advantages of centralisation.

There is one advantage that he forgot to mention, which happens to be the one that motivated him:

You can make #money out of it.

Anyone who is half honest would have just said: “listen, I want to provide a great service and get richer.”


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