Snikket is a new XMPP/Jabber-based decentralised FOSS messenger service. You can follow at:

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The official website is

It aims to make XMPP into a more viable alternative to Whatsapp etc by providing consistency in design and terminology.

(It's sort of how Mastodon made ActivityPub more mainstream, by using consistency to make it clear the instances are part of one network.)

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@FediFollows @snikket_im wtf was ist das ein conversations fork mit neuem marketing?

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It's more than that, they're trying to do standardised forks for every platform, including clients and instance hosting software, so that new users will see it is a single network.

(They also have a managed instance hosting service .)

So I guess the work from Prosody that was shut down for being "unmaintainable complicated" ( is getting spun into something cleaner and easier to self-host, and XMPP clients are being created that implement a guaranteed minimum set of XEPs (where the minimum set is guaranteed to be at least as large as the Conversations app had)?

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@aaravchen @FediFollows @witti @snikket_im the words "unmaintable" or "complicated" don't appear in the blog post you linked. It's rather light on specifics actually.

I can tell you there are many people running Prosody very happily, from individuals to organizations. See also

But yes, Snikket aims to make it easier. That's possible because it is hyper-focused on a specific use case (personal messaging). The people using Prosody for IoT wouldn't be happy with Snikket 🙂

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@aaravchen @FediFollows @witti @snikket_im And you're mostly right about XEPs/Conversations. But it's not strictly true that "what Conversations supports" is our guiding star. It may be the case that we remove/disable certain things that Conversations supports, if we consider it unnecessary/confusing for our use case.

It's also not all about XEPs. UX is a big part of the project. Consistency across clients. All this stuff gets documented at

I don't know much about Prosody, the first references I heard were here, on the Conversation app page, and the linked post noting that Prosody was shutting down their IM XMPP server (?) after deciding on Matrix instead. I guess I misunderstood what parts were being shut down. I thought he (whoever the author is) was saying all XMPP hosting was being shut down rather than just their hosted instance of IM XMPP.
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