Planed on trying to set up a #xmpp server today, but i am not sure what server is recomended, the main ones that stands out to me are #ejabberd and #prosody i can also use #openfire buy i don't know what the diffrences are, what dose the #fediverse recomend?

Prosody or Snikket. But I develop both so might be biased 🙃

Happy to answer any questions though.

Are there any feture diffrence between servers?

@Twelve Both Prosody and ejabberd (and others such as Tigase, Openfire) are generally up to date with modern XMPP protocol requirements, so you don't have anything to worry about there.

People tend to prefer one or another due to things like: ease of setup, resource usage, scalability, possibilities for customization.

@Twelve Prosody has a focus on being lightweight and very flexible. It has a plugin-based architecture so is *extremely* customizable (we have an active community and over 350 community modules at !). One of the main complaints people have about Prosody is that some important functionality is still in community modules and not bundled with Prosody out of the box, but we're working on that. A good setup guide is:

@Twelve Snikket is another solution I develop which is actually based on Prosody. It is designed to be a great starting server with everything you need set up and working out of the box (e.g. it bundles the software you need for audio/video calls to work, and it handles certificates for you automatically). Unlike Prosody it is designed with very *little* flexibility, to keep things as simple as possible.

It also has some matching apps (well, currently an Android one... an iOS one is coming Very Soon™).


@Twelve ejabberd... bear in mind I haven't used it for a long time. It had many issues when I used it about 12 years ago, but has improved a lot by all I've heard. It also has many built-in options for scaling (e.g. if you want to run a cluster of multiple servers for load balancing) that Prosody doesn't have.

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