The latest news is part of a general trend where companies erode their own privacy policies over time. It is rare that you will ever see a privacy policy update that adds clauses in its users' favour.

These companies need more data to thrive and grow. It's how they work, it's their DNA.

I believe that only communication platforms with no central ownership can be trusted. That's why I'm working hard on @snikket_im. I already migrated my family to it, and it's going great!

@snikket_im @mattj That's also one of the reasons I working on Matrix. And while I'm obviously biased towards Matrix, I'm happy that projects like Snikket exist, which try to make XMPP more friendly, because the more people we get onto open protocols, the better.

@mattj @snikket_im We just need more Opensource replacements for these websites and people just have to move here.

Hi @mattj ,do @snikket_im offer a translation project to community whose interest to involve?

@dagang Not yet. Currently the main user-facing text is all in the Conversations project though, so contribute there if you can! ( Changes there will automatically appear in the Snikket app.

In the future we will need help translating the web interface, iOS app and documentation. Will definitely make a noise when we need help with that 🙂

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