The current state of iOS clients certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But I'm very excited about the rate of progress recently.

We now have a growing number of people making it their mission to ensure XMPP gets the first-class iOS experience it desperately needs.

Make sure to provide the developers feedback. If you find a bug that isn't reported, or that you could provide additional insight into, that is a really helpful way to contribute to improving the future of XMPP on iOS.

We can do this! 😎

@mattj Sounds interesting, but are the protocol problems solved? As long as push cannot be configured server side, there'll always be push spam. Matrix solved this pretty well, I would be really happy if XMPP could have as good push as Matrix one day. (iOS + Push + XMPP being as terrible as it is is what made me move to Matrix)

@mattj Also, as long as the server does not assign a unique id to every <message> that does not have one, there'll always be the duplicate messages problem when joining a MUC, as the client has no way of knowing they're the same :(.

Modern MUCs all add unique ids to non-ephemeral messages 👍

@mattj Most recent Prosody release with Biboumi and I got no id on anything :(

Obviously Biboumi is not a "native" MUC, but gatewaying to a protocol that has no concept of permanent message IDs. If you enable the bouncer/persistent mode though you'll certainly get stable IDs added

@mattj I did enable bnc mode and didn't get stable ids :(.

Also, when joining MUCs on other rooms (as in, not on my server), I also regularly did not get ids.

This made using any iOS client with push entirely unusable :(


Are you looking at the sender-controlled id attribute perhaps? That's optional, specified by the sender and not the MUC, and not used for sync. The ID assigned by the MUC is separate.

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