The current state of iOS clients certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But I'm very excited about the rate of progress recently.

We now have a growing number of people making it their mission to ensure XMPP gets the first-class iOS experience it desperately needs.

Make sure to provide the developers feedback. If you find a bug that isn't reported, or that you could provide additional insight into, that is a really helpful way to contribute to improving the future of XMPP on iOS.

We can do this! 😎

@mattj Sounds interesting, but are the protocol problems solved? As long as push cannot be configured server side, there'll always be push spam. Matrix solved this pretty well, I would be really happy if XMPP could have as good push as Matrix one day. (iOS + Push + XMPP being as terrible as it is is what made me move to Matrix)

What kind of configuration are you thinking? What's your definition of "push spam"?

@mattj Join a MUC, get spammed, because there's a.) no filtering (I canot say don't push for MUC) and b.) no deduplication (if someone didn't specify an id on their message, I'm SOL)


Not sure where deduplication comes in? The client would just ask for messages since whatever the last one it saw was.

I find this platform tricky for real-time technical discussions... if you want to chat, feel free to reach out!

@mattj The problem is that you get both, MAM and the MUC giving you the last N messages. If any of them does not have an id, the client doesn't know how to dedup.

Modern clients don't ask for "the last N messages" but use MAM with IDs and/or time ranges instead.

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