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The XMPP Standards Foundation develops the XMPP/Jabber instant messaging and voice/video calling standards. You can follow them at:

➡️ @xmpp

The official site is

It's a free open standard, so anyone can use it in their software and hardware.

#XMPP #Jabber #IM #InstantMessaging #Messaging #Messenger #FOSS #VOIP

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New job ad for a Converse developer on

Great opportunity for someone who wants to work with FOSS and standards.

I've worked with them before, can vouch for them and am available to answer questions and provide guidance.


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Snikket is a new XMPP/Jabber-based decentralised FOSS messenger service. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The official website is

It aims to make XMPP into a more viable alternative to Whatsapp etc by providing consistency in design and terminology.

(It's sort of how Mastodon made ActivityPub more mainstream, by using consistency to make it clear the instances are part of one network.)

#Snikket #XMPP #Jabber #Messaging #Messenger #WhatsApp #IM #FOSS #SelfHosting

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Tails natively ships with a #XMPP client. Currently Pidgin.
For security reason Tails is going to replace it.

New XMPP client that Tails is likely to natively install will be either @dino or @gajim

Some research about them and Tails requirements you can read here:
(keep in mind that it's a living paper)

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RT user count has grown by more than 30% over the last two weeks.


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Development Update: In December, the profile window received a complete rework, adding state of the art vCard capabilities and a brand new profile picture selector to Gajim. Furthermore, Chat Markers have been improved and some bugs have been fixed.

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With all eyes on social media platforms’ influence on democracy, @rysiek gets to the crux: “the question isn’t really about how these platforms should wield their power — **the question is whether these platforms should have such power in the first place.**”

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Didn't expect to open Hacker News and see the Prosody blog post on the front page 🙂

I really hope that the growing attention to the practices of big tech will push more people to discover and other decentralized alternatives to those large platforms.

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My wife used Jitsi for the first time yesterday and had nothing but good things to say about it. I told her I was planning on spinning up my own instance and she for once didn't roll her eyes at my nerdy project. That's definitely progress!

Posted the Prosody team's report on project progress through 2020:
I'm excited for the year ahead in and in general 🙂

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For those about to quit #WhatsApp you can consider which is behaving the same but using #XMPP decentralized protocol.

You can moreover access to you account from different softwares like

The latest news is part of a general trend where companies erode their own privacy policies over time. It is rare that you will ever see a privacy policy update that adds clauses in its users' favour.

These companies need more data to thrive and grow. It's how they work, it's their DNA.

I believe that only communication platforms with no central ownership can be trusted. That's why I'm working hard on @snikket_im. I already migrated my family to it, and it's going great!

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Movim is a federated open source social media platform based on the open XMPP protocol

Movim simplifies the management of your news and your publications. So forget the ads, forget the superfluous. They designed an interface that really focuses on your content. In Communities you can publish and subscribe to various nodes on different topics. Just click on the Communities link in your menu and start exploring!
Movim relies on the XMPP standard and therefore allows you to exchange with many other clients on all devices such as Conversations (Android) or Dino (Desktop). Compatible with the others XMPP clients such as Conversations.

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Daily reminder that hanging out in irc/xmpp channels for your favorite free software projects and helping new users is a great way to contribute to free software.
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Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals:

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

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