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Work on Gajim 1.4 is making big steps forward! 🚀 After nine months of developing Gajim’s new main window, the code was finally ready to be merged into the master branch. This enables automatic builds of nightlies for Linux and Windows.

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#Snikket server January 2022 release is live!

The main new feature introduced in this release is the ability for users to import and export their account data. This is the final achievement of our #NGI DAPSI funded project on improving account portability and migration in #XMPP.

Find more details, including install/upgrade instructions, via our blog post:


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December #Prosody trunk update:
No 0.12 release yet!

A new setting to easily configure TLS security and compatibly level: `tls_preset = "modern" | "intermediate" | "old"` based on #mozilla recommendations

New module and API for recurring tasks (e.g. cleanup jobs): mod_cron

New module to prevent registration of deleted accounts, as they might retain group memberships on remote instances: mod_tombstones

Many other minor tweaks and polish.
69 files changed, 2707 insertions(+), 579 deletions(-)

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As our first project with Simply Secure wraps up, they have published an interview with @mattj on the origins of Snikket, and his experience managing open-source projects:

Results of the UX study itself will be featured in a future post too!

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Hello #XMPP folks!

Is there a simple way to get started to build a XMPP bot, which supports OMEMO?
The available libraries seem to be pretty low-level when one wants to use encryption.

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Happy #Prosody monthly summary day!

This month two new modules were imported from the community repo: mod_smacks (XEP-0198) and mod_http_openmetrics (formerly mod_prometheus).
Session listings in the Shell are now formatted in nice-looking tables.
There were also some fixes and tweaks to mobile optimizations, group chats and other areas.

#xmpp #dev

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In the newest edition of The Newsletter Leaf Journal, I recap the week that was at The New Leaf Journal, provide links from around the web, and discuss what looks like a very interesting FOSS project called sms4you, which allows for forwarding SMS messages to XMPP or email. svdesc/

#newsletter #aroundtheweb #links #owls #birds #foss #sms #xmpp #jmp #sms4you

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Annoyed of spam messages in public channels? Gajim just gained support for Message Moderation!

Also this month: better message corrections and improved notifications.

#xmpp #chat #foss

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I hate typing on touchscreens. For years, this was a non-issue since I had a BlackBerry Classic. After moving to a more modern phone (first a Moto e6, then a Teracube 2e), I wanted a solution that would make it easier to see and respond to SMS on my computer and larger tablet. I settled on JMP, which connects a number to an XMPP account, and wrote about my experience.

#jmp #xmpp #sms #messaging #foss #blabber #newleafjournal #TheNewLeafJournal

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#WhatsApp is currently down. This is your regular reminder that centralized platforms are centralized: a single point of failure and control.

Help spread the word about open decentralized networks.

If you want to migrate your family or other social group away from proprietary apps but don't know how, that's what we're here for. You can self-host Snikket or sign up for our hosted platform. After setup, invite your contacts with a simple link and you're done.

Good luck!

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Element and Movim Messengers Comparison Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated so your non-techie friends and family can quickly adopt #Matrix or #XMPP.

:matrix: :xmpp: 📞 📹 🗨️ ✉️ 👥 :gnu: :linux: :fediverse:

#FreeSoftware #Telecommunication #Chat #Decentralization #E2EE #Messengers

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Boosts appreciated!

We testing self-hosted live streaming using #peertube on, and on this occasion we want to invite you again to participate watching today's #stream:
lumbung calling: Regeneration
Saturday, October 2 , 2021
2.30 pm (CET), 3.30 pm (IDT), 6.30 pm (KGT), 7.30 pm (WIB).

About the programme:

"The seventh edition of lumbung calling focuses on #Regeneration. Within the framework of documenta fifteen, regeneration is explored as a way of living and organizing oneself and communities in opposition to extractive practices. This approach also includes generating time and space for mutual support and reflection. It centers care—often made invisible—as a vital part of political activism, enabling the incorporation of many viewpoints within a larger ecosystem."

You can watch it here:

To better understand everyone's viewing experience, we appreciate your feedback.Therefore, kindly take a moment to fill in this response form! (I know)

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September in #Prosody IM #XMPP server development:
- 'epoll' becomes new default for socket handling, 'select' deprecated
- Last traces of XEP-0091 removed
- Support limit on items retrieved from pubsub
- Direct TLS for *incoming* s2s connections
- Check connectivity via or a Blackbox Exporter instance
- Disk quota for HTTP upload
- Import/Export improvements as part of @snikket_im
- Various other tweaks and fixes

"Demonopolizing the internet with interoperability" (a Cory Doctorow piece):

Interoperability is the foundation of all open networks. It underlies the important freedoms of such a network: the ability to choose your own service provider, and choose how you access that service.

I've been thanked in the past by people for working on , because it gives a wide choice of software, including options that suit their accessibility needs. Centralized systems don't honour individuality.

Hopefully mod_debug_omemo will lead to some useful insights and improvements of OMEMO handling across clients!

It's a very new module, so if you try it please report any issues (the Prosody chatroom is a great place to do that).

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"I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that."

Ever seen this sad story in land? But your client does support ? Such issues can be tricky to debug sometimes.

We just published a new module, mod_debug_omemo. It adds a unique link to the end of these messages. When opened, it will reveal OMEMO debug info that can help identify why the message couldn't be decrypted.

Thanks to @zash for some last-minute testing and fixes 🙂

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Last week I made a new major release for Converse.

The biggest change is that the UI is now rendered entirely via declarative web components.

I've written a blog post highlighting some of the more notable changes in this release.


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The new #XMPP newsletter for August 2021 is out:

(haven't seen the toot from @xmpp yet...)

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