@matthew yes and no. Mastodon is flavor of the week, but mist people are just playing around. Hard to know whether it will become a thing or it maybe the next Ello. Much promise, but a flameout.

Agree but the haystack potentially will catch alight in 12-24 months and then we'll all enable our accounts again @Ronkjeffries

@matthew answer with another question... how long did twitter or Facebook take to "catch on"? I feel that it's infrastructure more than social network. It's possible it is defined by different goals and metrics in the long run.

Agree. All that's needed is a few celebrities (Lady Gaga for Twitter, DJ Khaled for Snapchat) to make Mastodon more mainstream for the non-nerds -- at the moment, this has nothing special over Twitter if you talk to the wider circles @booc0mtaco

Can someone help me get started with Heroku? Is it good for deploying Python apps? Currently on DigitalOcean.

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