is my new favourite PaaS. So many cool features, and even the pricing is interesting!

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil... 🙏

Shipper 1.0 is out! With support for Helm, Kustomize and flat json, and multiple Git providers including Azure DevOps and Gitea! 🥳 Hamcha did a wonderful job with this tool

Stop running git in your deploy pipelines and do the smart way!

We're on the fediverse! Our posts are bridged, so you won't miss anything whether you choose to follow us on Twitter or @rockylinux

Maintenance of a cluster is always fun. And by fun I mean an agonizing series of "changing the image version of a daemonset to upgrade it and the start waiting for it come back online. If it ever will". served 1TB of traffic on August 17th, if that's a piece of trivia you're interested in (I was)

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