I'm off to get my life sustaining supplies.... Corn meal and gunpowder and ham hocks and guitar strings.

Since ProtonMail has dumped the bed, any recommendations for a end to end ecrypted email client?

We've got a dog that likes to go into things while home alone. Any recommendations of surveillance that would be remote accessible yet secure?

In two years I can definitely see myself flashing my lightbulbs' firmware

From 5.1.1;An Analysis of the ProtonMail Cryptographic Architecture. - Nadim Kobeissi, 21Nov2018.

"However, even if A has used the ProtonMail smartphone applications for the entire lifetime of her ProtonMail account thus far and then logs into ProtonMail via the web application just once, P still obtains A's PGP secret key and is therefore able to not only impersonate A going forward but also to retroactively decrypt all of A's previous communications.


I'm looking for a way to root my Galaxy s8. Time to rid this bloatware

Peerio has end-to-end encrypted group filesharing now.

"Do you accept custom EDI files?" Yeah sure. We have an army of developers constantly defining complaint edits. What on Earth would a custom file look like anyways? How on early would we interpret the loops and segments?

Anyone have recommendations for encrypted chat that is not owned by Big Brother? I generally use Signal, but it crashes often.

Jason Evangelho reviews the $99 Pinebook (running KDE neon) on Forbes: "For now I have to say I’m seriously impressed."


Sorry. I was spelling mastodon wrong......figured it out. 😅

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Ok friends. Trying to launch this on Tusky. For some reason, I'm struggling wit figuring what the instance is. Any help is appreciated.

Good morning. new here. Interested in FOSS, decentralization, and encryption. Looking forward to this community.

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