the Border Patrol raided and nearly destroyed No More Deaths / No Más Muertes's Byrd Camp in southern Arizona a couple weeks ago. they're asking you contact your representatives to maintain the pressure to defund ICE and CBP, and i'm sure they'd appreciate donations if you can:

A werewolf placed on the moon's surface would use full Earth light to transform instead.

The Mozart effect augmented by listening to every Mozart piece at the same time :0.

CW. Borderline not safe for work. Bowsette photo. Reflective surfaces. May be emetophobic.

The chance of a "shiny" pokemon with an alternate color appearing is approximately one in four thousand, independently.

Here are twelve QR codes to unlock specific secret bases in the Pokemon Omega Ruby-Alpha Sapphire games.

Boot up the computer in your own base and select "Find a Secret Base" to use the code scanner. The bases are located in the Secret Meadow and Secret Shore so you can only visit them after getting the HM Dive. Once per day the trainer inside each base will battle you with a team of three Blissey with only self-destructive moves. Defeating them will raise your pokemon's exp. points by a lot.

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