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Hi all, I'm a guy/nb web dev. I've mostly been working in and lately, but I also know and .

I'm currently an intern at Wikimedia Foundation & that fits because I'm a big nerd who spends a lot of time reading articles on weird trivia.

I like bio, fonts, graphic design, dinosaurs, werewolves, tarot, homestuck, graffiti, history of computing & video games, and cartooning/illustration.

Petition to get em and en dashes added to standard keyboards

I've made a perfunctory search, but does anyone know why executables and other files that are clearly not visuals called images?

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PowerShell is not bad; just the default settings are not developer-friendly. Look at the awesome list for PowerShell.

I recommend:
1. PSReadLine (for customising key bindings)
2. posh-git (for Git extension)

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.dev domains started going at sane prices today.

I have these to add to the .me, .tech and . technology domains I own.

I think I have an issue 😬

I love Metrograph's web design. It's pretty minimalist, but also incorporates design elements inspired by print, which lends it personality:

If nothing else comes of this writing sample, at least I got to describe Tic-Tac-Toe as a two player, pen-and-paper strategy game.

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This is the best looking graphic from a city department I have ever seen.

When you want to watch a livestream of a tech conference, and Youtube thinks you need to watch Jordan Peterson next.

Jinja is actually not bad, I was just being stubborn doing things the hard way

Number of times magnetic charger has saved my laptop from being knocked off desk: 2
Number of times magnetic charger has accidentally fallen out of my laptop: 2,000,000,000

Bonus: tfw more recent questions which might attract non-jQuery related replies are all marked as duplicates

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Tfw you look up how to do something in JS and the only answer on Stack Overflow is from 8 years ago & involves jQuery

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While some Linux distros are arguably the most secure you can run, there are plenty of ways to help make your Windows or Mac OS installation more privacy friendly. Check out some of the guides here:

Finally got button interactions working without using Jinja (I'm writing a tutorial and introducing Jinja on top of everything else would take the focus off the API)

I've been working with Flask to create a demo app, and I'm impressed with how easy it is to get something up and running. I really like it!

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This paper "A Simple Explanation for the Existence of Adversarial Examples with Small Hamming Distance" is a gem, and a must read for anyone interested on the increasingly relevant area of adversarial examples and, on top of that, it's quite funny.

In 2003, an ex-boyfriend gifted me a Microsoft Sidewinder, that I still own, and still use, in the year of 2019

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