Drinking red wine could help Mars explorers maintain muscle mass and suddenly I've never wanted to go there more.

Good: SpaceX has a potential cause for that dramatic launch failure. Better: they're systematically inspecting the rest of the craft for similar vulnerabilities. This is the correct response, and it speaks well of them.

VGR2 hadn't fired its thrusters for *30 years* and they worked perfectly on the first try. (VGR1 did something similar last year.) What a damn legend. voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/news/deta

Good. VGR was the mission that took humanity to the outer solar system for the first time -- and on a personal level, it was the mission that got me into robotic space exploration. The longer they live, the better I like it. <3

Here's the "dashboard" for a real live spacecraft -- The Planetary Society's Lightsail 2. I gotta say, I've seen a number of these in my time, and this one's the prettiest. :-)

Boeing paid $9/hour to the outsourced engineers who worked on the troubled 737 Max's software. But the real revelations here are deeper in the article, where you see they're ignoring & laying off senior engineers who understand and care about your safety.

Good, if mixed, news about rebutting science denialism: it has at least some effect (this is not as depressing as earlier outcomes). Interestingly, offering correct facts or highlighting the denier's shady tactics are equally effective approaches.

They're testing a fix for the deadly software bugs that caused Boeing's 737 Max to stubbornly nosedive. The fix contains a new bug that makes the plane stubbornly nosedive. I ... I would prefer to fly Airbus from now on, please.

Tonight's SpaceX launch is the most difficult ever -- yeah, it's a real doozy, delivering 24 payloads into three different orbits. Best of luck, y'all. (The fun begins at 23:30ET, Webcast starting 15m earlier.)

This interesting analysis suggests the TCO of an electric car (here a Tesla Model 3) can be about the same as, or even lower than, that of a typical gas car (here a Toyota Corolla) under a variety of reasonable assumptions. Matches my Ioniq experience.

I know there's a lot of anxiety about cell phones, verging in some quarters on a moral panic. But the claim that they grow horns on young people is plain old bad science.

Mars is an ancient world -- and yet still changing. It has almost no atmosphere to slow down space rocks that are gunning for it, so now and then we find new craters like this one.

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