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nevermind, it was in the most obvious place I would have put it on a local disk, here I was looking over several networked drives for it...

damn it all, trying to find an old project of mine which I found that I hadn't lost a few days ago... to no avail

ok so i'm trying to make the most basic of GUI applications and I'm running out of options here
C# WinForms: unmaintainable for GUI, windows-only
C# Core GUI: good luck lol
Racket: rest in peace RAM
CLisp + Tk: rip sanity
D + Tk: rip compile time (and also sanity)
anything + GTK or Qt: b́ow̷ ̶t̛o̢ ̵t͏h̶e eld̕e̶r ͘gods͜
is there anything I can use that will not eat up tons of RAM and will *actually compile and run* on the systems I use it on

okay, Racket is a great language and all, but I really wish it didn't take up 100 megabytes of RAM to run a simple GUI program that doesn't do anything


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fun fact: adobe has published license keys to macromedia applications that they don't want to host the key server for anymore

get em while they're hot

Did You Know Gaming: attempting to port peer-to-peer multiplayer code to a client/server model results in death

what's particularly difficult is things like scrollbars which have to track a lot of numbers, and what's easy is things like buttons which keep no state of their own

hmm, decoupling drawing and logic from an immediate mode GUI is difficult in some places and really easy in others.

splitting render code to be run on the client instead of the server because the engine will broadcast all of the drawing instructions separately otherwise (as opposed to a single "call this script" instruction)

hot take: all programs that use garbage collectors are invariably utter shite that can't handle large data sets worth shit

my cat can't hear himself meow and yowls like crazy loud and i'm not sure if this is hilarious or sad

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