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Oh wait, M-x tab-bar-mode does that, without nuking your tabs. Sold.

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Every time I hear about Emacs and tabs I've thought "who cares?" and never looked further. Thanks to Mickey Peterson's latest summary though (, I finally tried... and it's actually quite good! I have a lightly-customised escreen configuration I use, but I might just replace it with tabs (particularly if I can figure out how to toggle display of the tab-bar itself).

All I use escreen for is windows and different stacks of recent buffers, so I'm not hard to please.

I just randomly started (did NOT finish) cleaning out or fixing broken feeds in Newsblur.

1. Wow I subscribe to a lot of feeds.
2. Good lord do links bitrot. Without hard data, I'd say 50/50 the site just disappeared vs blogging software changed and the feed URL with it (a depressing number seem to be on Medium)

"DRM is a bit like ransomware, in that it encrypts data and demands payment to un-encrypt (decrypt) it. The main difference between DRM and ransomware is that ransomware is less particular about which files it encrypts — while #DRM (usually) only affects files that you legitimately purchased." ~ figosdev

Having said that, I did manage to overlook that exporting my follow-list and re-importing was also required.

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My hobby project (to eventually involve ActivityPub) is in Elixir, and I'm loving this deep dive:

First post: moved account from (with no posts) to .technology, since that's what I'm hoping to focus on here.

I had to read the docs a few times, but loving that this is possible:

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