Every time there's a new Emacs colour theme posted I eagerly have a look, then go right back to zenburn. I don't know why I bother, but it's like some weird reflex.

It's a simple thing, but I have wanted a "send me some random links I've previously bookmarked" for the longest time: github.com/markhepburn/daily_p

I'm loving it, but it's also changing my behaviour. I don't really need to bookmark things to find something again, but now I bookmark anything I find interesting because I know there's a chance it will randomly surface again. It's basically my "like" button, just for me.

The implementation is a bit magical, and even reading the documentation I didn't really know it was there. HT tildegit.org/acdw/define-repea and corresponding /r/emacs threads for laying it all out.

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Latest discovery: repeat-mode! I've been using C-xz for ages, although not extensively. If you turn on the mode though suddenly a range of commands can be repeated with much better ergonomics, eg enlarge-window: C-x^, then use ^/v/{/} until done. `describe-repeat-maps' to see available options, plus you can define your own.

#EV #cars:
«"How far can you go on a charge?” “How long does it take to charge?” Ladies, gentlemen, and other flavors, please take note. These questions are wrong.»

Turns out my own server suffered from the same docker + UWF footgun that affected Newsblur. Good then.

@JordiGH There is, of course, a single-purpose site about just this: baconmethod.com/ (I don't know that I've had particularly better or worse results with it, but it's certainly easy)

I finally gave in and installed fzf (apt-install, add plugin via oh-my-zsh... done). So that was painless, and now I have emacs-helm but in my shell as well! What else new am I missing?

Native-comp all packages in :

(native-compile-async "~/.emacs.d/elpa" t)

Two motivations for me: it was hard to compare performance because the compilation would often kick in when you used a new mode, and for some reason some modes (eg helm-command) didn't seem to get compiled.

@technomancy An album cover with the twin towers in flames, released on 9/11, has to be up there too!

I've made massive strides on CapTP for @spritelyproject and honestly, I think this is the most important work I've done in my life. But it's hard to explain *why* when few people even know what CapTP *is*.

So: CapTP explainer 🧵, right here (with blogpost to follow):

: I just discovered helm-ucs (and its regexp builder), thanks to Mastering Emacs and a renewed looking around.

@technomancy My keyboardio atreus finally arrived yesterday, and I'm very excited to get stuck into it!

Hey, tooters, been a long time.

I've seen a lot of activity around mastodon.el recently. I've been unable to keep up with it and would like to know if you're interested in contributing.



: I use a snapshot build, which is generally solid but does occasionally change things. Recently I've noticed that my helm completions (mostly M-x and recent buffers) had duplicates, but I never got around to debugging why. Now I don't need to! tech.toryanderson.com/2020/08/

(Don't want to click; set the new-in-27.1 variable history-delete-duplicates to t)

@cadadr@mastodon.sdf.org I moved to a paid subscription to Newsblur when Google Reader shut down. I just use the web client, and it's fine for me. I could host my own server and use elfeed, but I don't begrudge the money to take it off my hands.

Oh wait, M-x tab-bar-mode does that, without nuking your tabs. Sold.

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Every time I hear about Emacs and tabs I've thought "who cares?" and never looked further. Thanks to Mickey Peterson's latest summary though (masteringemacs.org/article/wha), I finally tried... and it's actually quite good! I have a lightly-customised escreen configuration I use, but I might just replace it with tabs (particularly if I can figure out how to toggle display of the tab-bar itself).

All I use escreen for is windows and different stacks of recent buffers, so I'm not hard to please.

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