you think you may have bad timing, but you'll never have timing as bad as Anti-Flag releasing a single titled "We are the Disease" in January 2020


@technomancy An album cover with the twin towers in flames, released on 9/11, has to be up there too!

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@markhepburn yikes! yeah that's definitely up there, and having it land on the exact day is impressively bad.

@technomancy @markhepburn Donnie Darko isn't quite as bad as that, but it was close -- the theater release date ended up being a few weeks after 9/11, and the movie starts out with a jet engine falling into a house.

@markhepburn @technomancy which album was that? Underground Network came out in April 2001... and I can’t think of any album art that has flaming towers?

@markhepburn @technomancy or, maybe you are thinking of a no -Anti-Flag album...

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