@mcpaccard can has a mastodon.design account? I really want to get off this one. :)

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Pornhub, but just videos of people telling me they are proud of me.

America, Mormons, politics, free speech and guns 

This is literally why I’m glad we moved back to Europe. I know the whole America isn’t like that, but I feel like those people are gaining ground these days: npr.org/podcasts/606441988/bun

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Dear news tooters: Content Warnings are one of the most awesome features Mastodon has to offer — please use it accordingly, when referencing newsy topics.

For example my personal threshold on politics is extremely low, — even on posts that align with my political views —, and I think in times like these many do feel the same way. "Uspol", "Gerpol", "EUpol", etc. are super helpful. Please, and thank you 💜

I wrote a post on how I've been using partials to build a component-based in which developers don't have to write any HTML.


People of and other places: I’m looking for a place where I could give talks next year. I am interested in talking about design systems (both the design and the people part of them), and finding your way as a designer, which came out of last couple of years mentoring and coaching young designers.

If you know about open CFPs for conferences or meetups, I’d love to connect.

Oh snap, I just saw a toot from some hardcore libertarian instance in my federated timeline. Brb, have to wash my eyes.

Actually, when I think about how I take photos, I also spend most time trying to find a good angle or set up a shot.

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Finished designing a new feature for a thing that I'm working on and concluded that 8 hours of design in my case is usually split between 7 hours of figuring out the relationships between the user and the things that are supposed to go into the flow, and 1 of actually putting things into mockups & prototypes.

Meanwhile on LinkedIn, management people are discovering that ambitious people want work to be a challenge and have meaning.

It's 2018.

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I’m thinking about starting a second Mastodon account for photography and keeping this one for rants about design technology. Is that what people do around here?

I like how this one turned out. Berlin, Potsdamer Platz. No filters beyond curve adjustments.

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Week 40 on mastodon: a newcomer arrives. They immediately remark at the lightning speed of the federated timeline. We all laugh derisively. We have become immune to it—adapted to it; we all read at 1000 words per second

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Brand is a marketing construct of reforming social worth into financial gain. An aspect of capitalism that we endure.

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