Got me some “BasicAppleGuy” (on bird site) Merch! These are sooooo cool! 🤩

Finally, Launch Day! 🚀 The day I can share my latest project with you all!

"Music MiniPlayer" for macOS + Apple Music.

It’s just like my last project, "Music Widget" but with an OG iTunes MiniPlayer interface. 🧵

Download is now live:

Sharing it with the Mastodon community before Twitter but I'm finally ready to release Music MiniPlayer 1.0 tomorrow!

I obsessed over the colors, shapes, shadows, & layers drawn by Core Graphics & Core Animation achieve UI as crisp as possible on Retina & non-Retina.

Can't wait to hear what you all think 😊

This shows how both labels will always begin scrolling together despite varying lengths which causes them to finish at different times. 😊

Can't wait to release this! Just working on the webpage and localization files and then it 🚀

Anyone have experience with troubleshooting Localization on an AppKit app?

Every time I export my localization files for editing, it omits localizations from my code (those using NSLocalizedString. The strings from Storyboards are exported though.

I can't figure out why!

I'd like to point out that my upcoming Music MiniPlayer will do its best to be true to the original "Graphite" in Mac OS X which had a bit more blue to it. It wasn't just plain gray. It goes for the window controls & the button highlight color.

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