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Amaroq and Mastodons feels like going back in the gold old twitter days. Only with flat UI and stuff 😊

So, an engineer walks into a bar and orders 1.0E20 root beers.

Bartender: "That’s a root beer float."

Engineer: "Make it a double."

An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts

SSH-themed horror movie ideas

1) Host on Haunted Hill
2) Ghost in the zsh
3) Dude Where Did I Redirect My Output?
4) Paranormal Activity Detected
5) The Exorcism of systemd
6) The Silence of the Error Messages, Even on Debug Level
7) The GNU Witch Project
8) SalΓ², or the 120 Days With Still No Patch From Our Vendor
9) Invasion of the ICMP packets

I think the βœ… joke is out now. Show more

@ashfurrow does Mailgun (or whatever your instance is sending mail with) not support +aliased mails (e.g πŸ€”

@thbonk FYI I'm here now πŸ˜€ new handle same guy πŸ™Œ

I've migrated to and am looking at abandoning my instance. No active user apart from me and too much hassle to maintain, also feeling more comfy on an instance with actual techy users. Will see how it goes here with you.

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