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@catfish_man ok now I got it, sorry my maths was completely wrong. didn't make sense at all. Getter and setter are only called once in f(). The first multiplication x = 5 * 5 evaluates to 25, the second copy-pasta line evaluates to x = 25 * 25 as x is being retained.

@tootapp one thing I already like about Toot! is that notifications work seamlessly. Is this a feature of Mastodon? Or do you poll for notifications?

@ashfurrow I've seen this twice today, once on iOS (oAuth via Toot! App) and once on Safari (Mojave Beta) right now (both machines set to de_DE locale. Any idea why my 2FA dialog is French?

@skullvalanche I have no idea about this, but sounds like it might make sense to read up on it 😀 👍

One thing I‘m still missing from Mastodon is a federated search, not sure if something like this is currently on the roadmap, but workarounds apps like Tootdon are doing are really dodgy and absolutely not the way to go. Anyone got any thoughts on how to solve this ideally?

Want to know which languages Mastodon is translated into?

There are many languages with very incomplete translations, for example Malay and Asturian, and Welsh has only been added a few days ago. Anyone can submit translations on Weblate!

@tootapp thanks! looks like Amaroq in iOS doesn’t support pinned tweets 😊

Nobody likes to make mistakes. Using the inline error-reporting you'll be able to resolve them even faster… 💪

@m4rr unfortunately I have to revert my recommendation of Tootdon I guess, look at Looks like there is still heaps of room for improvement for decent iOS Clients. I've a day just had more than 24h...

@timm thanks, I've looked it up as well and found similar Posts, but haven't read about them storing the auth Tokens. That's pretty bad. Sounds like they'd act in good Intention, e.g. to improve searchabilty, but I don't think it's a good practice. So I'm reverting back to Amaroq.

Tried out Black Mesa tonight. I bought, played and loved Half Life when it was released in '98 but unfortunately, even if with it's improvements, Black Mesa feels a bit outdated in terms of storyline etc. I think I'll Keep HL in good memories and not continue with it.

@joereddington I haven’t seen the need for upgrading yet. Somehow it doesn’t feels snappy as it should I guess, but I haven’t used a newer one so I‘m still kind of comfortable with the slowness. Also I‘m mostly using it for sports and sometimes ticking off my shopping list. Actually I‘m missing all the good sports support the newer ones have

@timm I used to use Amaroq on iOS but switched to Tootdon a while ago. Really love the look and feel, reminds me of what Twitter once was:

That’ll be my second  Watch after the very first then 👌
Exclusive: Apple Watch Series 4 revealed — massive display, dense watch face, more | 9to5Mac

Amaroq and Mastodons feels like going back in the gold old twitter days. Only with flat UI and stuff 😊

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