This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

I've used my free Adobe Rush exports on mobile. I'm seriously considering to get a subscription. There's just those small touches that make it a tad better than iMovie (on macOS as well as on iOS).

I don't always do jokes, but when I do, I do them...

@chartier awesome! finally it’s available for the switch 🍾

6-player Towerfall (on Switch) with the Bear team is some of the best fun I’ve had with party games. The ability to bring my Switch anywhere and hook up to a TV for this kind of simple, fun, craziness is just fantastic.

Decided to sunset my own mastodon instance in favor of using @marcus. It just doesn’t scale for me, too memory and disk consuming even with just myself on it. AMA.

New Xcode feature: Multicolored keywords? πŸ€”

@athornz guess that’s true for more than this hashtag 😊 I guess searchability / discoversbility is an issue

Iβ€˜ve picked up an iOS pet-project I started about a year ago today. First thing I did was to get rid off allot of MVP-architecture boilerplate. Within hours it got do much more maintainable and so much better.

@catfish_man ok now I got it, sorry my maths was completely wrong. didn't make sense at all. Getter and setter are only called once in f(). The first multiplication x = 5 * 5 evaluates to 25, the second copy-pasta line evaluates to x = 25 * 25 as x is being retained.

@tootapp one thing I already like about Toot! is that notifications work seamlessly. Is this a feature of Mastodon? Or do you poll for notifications?

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