GitHub is proprietary software. Think of it! 🤔
"Today contributing to a FOSS project more often than not requires using GitHub" - "I talked to [...] technical students of my university [...] and they thought git is just the interface you use to talk to GitHub" - "git was created as a way of escaping the reliance of a proprietary software company running a centralized service" - "GitHub has created many of the problems git was created to solve" -

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

I've used my free Adobe Rush exports on mobile. I'm seriously considering to get a subscription. There's just those small touches that make it a tad better than iMovie (on macOS as well as on iOS).

6-player Towerfall (on Switch) with the Bear team is some of the best fun I’ve had with party games. The ability to bring my Switch anywhere and hook up to a TV for this kind of simple, fun, craziness is just fantastic.

Decided to sunset my own mastodon instance in favor of using @marcus. It just doesn’t scale for me, too memory and disk consuming even with just myself on it. AMA.

I‘ve picked up an iOS pet-project I started about a year ago today. First thing I did was to get rid off allot of MVP-architecture boilerplate. Within hours it got do much more maintainable and so much better.

@ashfurrow I've seen this twice today, once on iOS (oAuth via Toot! App) and once on Safari (Mojave Beta) right now (both machines set to de_DE locale. Any idea why my 2FA dialog is French?

One thing I‘m still missing from Mastodon is a federated search, not sure if something like this is currently on the roadmap, but workarounds apps like Tootdon are doing are really dodgy and absolutely not the way to go. Anyone got any thoughts on how to solve this ideally?

Want to know which languages Mastodon is translated into?

There are many languages with very incomplete translations, for example Malay and Asturian, and Welsh has only been added a few days ago. Anyone can submit translations on Weblate!

Nobody likes to make mistakes. Using the inline error-reporting you'll be able to resolve them even faster… 💪

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