“My secret power is yogurt.” — our two year old

Anybody out there know of something (browser plugin, etc.) that'll automatically do any of the following in Gmail?

- Auto-collapse sender's signature, or

- Auto-remove sender's signature attachments, or

- Auto remove the senders' whole danged signature

My 6 year old mistakenly spelled fart “f e a r t” and now I’m thinking there’s gotta be a scary / silly movie made with that name.

I feel like adding something like this to all of the websites I have control over:

"It looks like you're NOT using an ad blocker; you really should and here are some links…"

On my drive into work this morning I saw a young boy on his way to school, backpack and everything, riding down the sidewalk on one of those hover-board things, doing the floss dance.


It’s gonna be a slightly drunk Destiny 2 night.

I'll often drop a gif into a new business reply as a test.

If you feel that you are too sexy for your hat, you need a better hat.

Watched the first two episodes of Maniac, on Netflix, and whoah-ho-ho-ho what the crap. Super neat, interesting, etc. Deep emotions, insanely creative environment, whacky writing… I'm a big fan so far.

I don’t know about you but I would never get on a non-stop flight.

Parental challenges at certain age-ranges:
0 - 3: sleep, food, and poop
3 - 4: colds, fevers, flus, etc.
4 - 7: interrupting, and knowing when/where it's OK to joke about farts and butts
8+: [ we haven't got there, yet ]

If there's one thing I've learned from /r/legaladvice (which is an *amazing* subreddit in general), it's that when someone cuts down a tree on your property, without permission, they owe you something like 50 bajillion dollars.

"mobile views surpassed desktop views a while ago"

[ receives only a desktop comp ]

Just grilled up some Wahlburgers and I can already feel the vibration.

Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if my kids’ voices got deeper instead of louder when they get really excited.

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