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@progo The "As long as it not Facebook, we can trust it!" syndrome

- "Free" to use and centralized
- Crappy ToS trying to force users to give "true, accurate, current and complete info" (no pseudonyms, can't chose what info you don't want to give for whatever reason)
- An empty "privacy" policy page
- Uses google maps…

Therefore it's just as shitty as facebook… So it's true this crap is just another "alternative" to facebook events. Not better, not ethical….

@switchingsocial @mobilizon

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Is there a replacement for Mastodon Bridge yet, or is it now just totally impossible to find Twitter friends on Mastodon because of Twitter's shitty API changes?

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In the first betas I did the same with a custom View, but a modifier may be more idiomatic.
Exciting time to discover what idiomatic means ^^


Swift has a lot of great libraries for loading and caching remote images. Let’s integrate one of them with SwiftUI. I created an Image modifier which loads remote images with Kingfisher library. Remember that even ViewModifiers can has a State in SwiftUI.


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Did you know you can embed toots from Mastodon on other websites and blogs?

Just click the "..." at the bottom of a toot and select "embed" to get the HTML code.

Here's an example of it in action:

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

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I had to. It's not fun to start new UIKit project when SwiftUI is all over the twitter.

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One thing this year WWDC would be bigger for me than Marzipan or Mac Pro: deprecation of the Xcode project format. Having separate directory and project hierarchy is ridiculous. Discovered a failing test that never ran on CI or locally because it was never in the project file 😖

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Xenix was the Microsoft take on UNIX

"In the mid-to-late 1980s, Xenix was the most common Unix variant, measured according to the number of machines on which it was installed."

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As I’ve quoted many times before: usage code first!

I’m so happy I keep an eye on other industries and ways of thinking, don’t let dogma pollute your mind!

Protocols I: "Start With a Protocol," He Said - Cocoaphony

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Imagine Amazon acquire Microsoft, and all your Azure "serverless" will be discontinued in a year. Do you panic already? It happens all the time in IT, on a different scale.
"Both MongoDB and Realm are committed to supporting our customers on their current solution, and nothing will change right now."

"Parse has agreed to be acquired by Facebook. Rest assured, Parse is not going away. It’s going to …

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“SE-0255: Implicit Returns from Single-expression Functions” has been accepted. I’m still unsure what to think about it, bug I guess we will see formatting rules popping up soon in popular formatters/linters.

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Great, concise and informative article from James Porter about building native React-like apps in Swift using Tokamak. As a maintainer of the framework I’m super excited to see this, it motivates and inspires me to build so much more. Thank you James!

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I'm super excited to publish the first release of Tokamak: React-like framework for native UI written in pure Swift 🛠⚛️📲

I've worked on this nights and weekends of the last 7 months (with a ton of help from Matvii Hodovaniuk 🙏) 👨🏻‍💻

Check it out here 👇

I've been waiting for a true mesh-based phone for a long time! So glad to see it's finally happening! They are currently invite-only, use my refer link if you want to join

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Getting closer to the initial release of my UI framework written in pure Swift based on React Hooks API. New milestone today: renderer for macOS 🎉 (there's already iOS renderer). You could potentially write apps for both UIKit and AppKit with a lot shared UI code (w/o Marzipan!)

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Facebook is trying to offer a really terrible Patreon-style service (which will take 30% of all income 😟 and permanent intellectual property rights to anything uploaded even if you leave the service 😱 ).

A number of people asked about free open alternatives. You might want to look at:


Open Collective

Any other suggestions?

#DeleteFacebook #Donations #Crowdfunding

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Why does CoreGraphics support PDF and why is the format so pivotal to Apple? - Stack Overflow

"I licensed my PDF viewer to Apple for Rhapsody and then the PDF library I wrote in Objective-C to Apple as the basis of CoreGraphics..."

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