It’s been a while, hello world. Everything is pointing to Japan. Let life work out.

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You can now catch the excitement of every #F1 race from anywhere! Learn how to stream F1 and watch the British Grand Prix race this weekend in Silverstone. Read more here:

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I have just released an update for WaveFlower, a toy app I created some years ago:

This apps the origin of the music visualiser in Toot!. It uses the microphone instead, so you can sing to it, or play your favourite instrument, or just make weird noises at it. It will respond by drawing shapes based on the sound waveform. It can be pretty mesmerising!

I remember only two things from my dream when I woke up this morning:
1. I got a brand new Pixel 4a.
2. Why!?

Tiptoeing into

Maybe I should find me a mentor. This stuff is tough!

Being the producer I have-been, I’ve been sitting up all night taking exports for mom’s video lectures.

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reference to substance addiction. 

I ordered 2kg coffee, 1kg raw non-alkalized chocolate, no cocaine and a shit ton of computer parts to upgrade my mood, my computer and my sanity.

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I love it when private sellers on Amazon call you up to cross-check your parts compatibility. Sure, it's one extra phone call you have to answer, but adds another layer of checks that you're not left with a MASSIVE paperweight because you were over confident. If you have a computer at home and ca spare some GPU compute time, please do this for the good of humanity.

Doing a quick public search on Google, I came across some accounts made on social media under my IRL name, and one even had my picture. How can I generally get these kinds of impersonating accounts taken down? on the birdsite, for example...

When I was signing up in all those places, I never imagined I would one day end up wanting to close these accounts. I want to kick myself when I read "we have no option to permanently delete your account... blah blah..."

So this is not bad for day 1. I closed about 5 accounts on the internet in all.

I kicked the habit - of signing up everywhere! Starting today, I've begun the process of deleting myself off the internet.
I didn't realise how difficult it is to track down all the accounts you made. One step at the time
Suggestions, anyone?

Eating 300gram of chocolate everyday keeps depression at bay.

T&C apply. Subject to whether you fucking hate going to the therapist more, or standing in a line of 50 people outside the superstore.

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