Just noticed rules with RDP opened to the world in AWS security group associated to new exchange servers. Removed them and immediately got a question wtf I'm doing from a colleague (he's the only one using it for administration purposes). Tried to explain why it's bad but he insisted that the servers patched against the bluekeep, etc and it's safe.

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Tried to launch #sway and got this:

"Proprietary Nvidia drivers are NOT supported. Use Nouveau. To launch sway anyway, launch with --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia and DO NOT report issues."

It must be one of the best error message I've seen.

I wonder if is getting popular and more people switched to it from non tiling managers, or it's just me paying to much attention to this.

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Docker and docker-compose to help build AOSP or GrapheneOS and Chromium. Maybe someone might find it useful.


Hmm, can't seem to find how to enable and enforce 2fa in Jira. Looks like it doesn't support it out of the box. Or I'm missing something.

I've a catchall email on my domain and since yesterday started to get messages to different addresses like d7769fa77@doman.tld. The weirdest thing is that those are all registration confirmations from Facebook and some other social networks. Wtf?

Have been using it for some time now, and the main observation is this thing is for geeks. I'm not sure if an average user will want or will be even able to setup it

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Hmm, No results found for "Google Citadel C2-PVT"

However protecting user data by automatically wiping the device with locked bootloader if debug cable is connected sounds like a good idea

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Connected debug console to my Pixel 3 and it wiped out the device completely, so it doesn't even boot saying no valid os found.

Google Citadel, huh

Tweet from Hector Martin (@marcan42), at Jan 3, 19:53

Anyway, if you rely on BitLocker in TPM mode (boot without PIN), you should know that anyone can steal your computer, sniff 32 bytes off of the LPC bus, stick them into libbde, and decrypt your disk. Yes, it's that easy. Solder 7 wires to $favorite_fpga_board, decrypt drive.


Finally managed to install to the desktop (Ryzen / Radeon RX550) as well. Using inst.vnc option. It appears that the kernel 4.13 used in installation iso doesn't support the rx550 video card properly.


That browser issue you've been talking about. It's now exploited in the wild by Russian authorities rkn.gov.ru. This script is loading on the main page rkn.gov.ru/5a71c95863f38b1dcfc and scans open ports on

Can't wait to try hardened malloc in my own AOSP build

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