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Delivery date: 10/13
Ballot received by clerk: Not returned

That ain't good

I dislike the Dodgers for many reasons but the number one reason is names on jerseys

Don't call the Hummer EV environmentally friendly

S/o to @MotoSolutions for making Election Day a paid holiday as it should be!

This is the first baseball game I've watched since the wildcard round and I am very excited and conflicted.

I love show the v8 supercar reporters wear firesuits

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It’s crazy how Trump/Pence try to position Biden/Harris as radicals when they’re so moderate. Like seriously disappointingly moderate

You can view my radical environmental agenda at

Such a good race so far, one of the few you wish would run green till the end

Feel so bad for Bubba rn, race of his life

Glad that NBC has picked up on listening into a spotter on restart

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