I can't believe everybody has forgotten about this classic

Going back is the left fielder for the Cubs - Zach Zaidman

High horsepower, low down force, no PJ1 what a concept

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The Android 12 and “Material You” design concepts look pretty, but as implemented so far in Android 12 Beta 1? I have my doubts. Everything feels WAY too big now, like “oh, huh, phones got big so I guess we need to make everything bigger to compensate.”

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Fun fact: Chrome OS—which recently surpassed macOS in market share—has never had “icons on the desktop” as a UI paradigm.

In case you somehow think that “desktop icons” are the thing that will make or break an OS.

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I don’t think I showed this before, but thanks to @Jose__Exposito@twitter.com you can right click an app to screenshot in 6.0

All I wanted to do is play iRacing but no Windows had to do a platform update

Only bad decision was the amount of RAM. 256gb of RAM would be much better choice to run AAA games out of a RAM disk because that's the only thing I can imagine you're doing with that much RAM.

Now entering year 5 of staged racing sucks

Watching my first Bears game of the season, I can see nothings changed

Well no more baseball, no more NASCAR, we have entered the darkest quarter of the year

Wow Chase Elliot is capable of being excited

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