Radio Lab's "Atomic Artifacts" and Star Treks "The Omega Glory" are a surprisingly connected pair of episodes

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What kind of crazy times we live in?! gets demonstrated in a Apple keynote.


Screw it Major League has changed my mind I am now siding with the owners. I want a 2 week regular season and a 30 team playoff

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Replacing a bunch of scary looking code with a few library calls is always nice

I was really looking forward to 2021 being a turning point year for both NASCAR and MLB. Amazing that we're not quite half way through 2020 and NASCAR is already taking huge steps and MLB is quickly giving us a concerning preview of what is to come

We need more Sunday morning Xfinity races

Scalding hot take: the internet without section 230 or the moderator's dilemma (protection from suits if you don't moderate at all) would be a vastly different and potentially way better place

Spaceflight is beginning to feel so routine

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Does the invocation and national anthem really require everyone to stand on the grid

Out of context quote: "Imagine this: Intruder detected, Bam, buzzer in my butt goes off, wakes me right up. I can see it being useful."

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