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Is it a good idea that Clojure's `defrecord` makes all fields public?

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@magthe Of course not. That American is probably the only one who's not irritated, though.

Just in case you didn't know, you can change the location by setting GOPATH environment variable to something else. I set mine to $HOME/.go.

Here's a program I'd like to see: a wayland WM (based on wlroots, maybe) that behaves like PaperWM.


Am I the only one who's a little irritated that some American in California has decided that I should have the folder `~/go`?

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Sneaking your team's tickets into another team's sprint is called JIRAmandering (gerrymandering).

I'm looking for a convenient way to monitor !

I'm only interested in my builds,i.e. builds initiated by commits I've pushed to GitHub.

Is there anything like this out there?

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The #nixos community is a perfect fit for @matrix. Hosting a #matrix server is not very hard with #nixos. As of now, after 2 days, we have about 150 servers (for 380 users) participating in the chat. We essentially are now self-hosting our communication by the community as a whole. The level of decentralization and robustness that we have achieved after two days of #matrix is unparalleled by anything that we could achieve with any of the contenders. This is amazing!

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@magthe @trevligmjukvara Tyvärr är ingen av oss särskilt bevandrade i Lisp... Men jag känner igen uttrycket nu när du nämner det 👌

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Trevliga lyssnare! 👌❤️

I veckans avsnitt intervjuar vi Maria Dalhage, projektledare för #opendata#Arbetsförmedlingen. Vi dyker ner i den digitala #allemansrätten, vilka utmaningar som finns, hur framtiden ser ut, #öppenkällkod, #foss, #fossnorth, och mycket mer! Lyssna in 👇

My drive does support OPAL, and there's no problem turning it on using `sedutil`, but why does a call to `ioctl(.., IOC_OPAL_SAVE, ..)` fail with errno 25 (inappropriate ioctl for device)?

Am I missing turning something on?

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Nämen? Hej! 🗣💥

I denna specialare intervjuar vi @ainali, Codebase Steward på Foundation for Public Code. Vi får reda på allt från vilket djur som symboliserar Jan, till hur han hjälper offentliga verksamheter att jobba med öppen mjukvara. Lyssna in! 🙌

#opensource #foss

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:( I feel like markor is doing too much. It's a markdown editor. And a todo.txt editor. And a wiki editor. And a blog editor. And soon a ledger editor. And ..

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If there's a controversy about Elon Musk will it be called "Elongate"?

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Nytt avsnitt! 💌💫🐇

Rykande färska versioner av #Fedora och #Ubuntu. Ett universitet gör bort sig rejält och vår käre maskot Raymond Knops levererar lite trevlig teknikpolitik. Det, #foss, #opensource, #Linux och mer! Lyssna in! 👇

Must refrain from pointing out that implication isn't the same as bi-implication! 😁

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