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Must refrain from pointing out that implication isn't the same as bi-implication! 😁

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The Western capitalist world admitting that China and Russia might cure cancer and heart problems without their intellectual property monopolism.

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Thank you all for your talk proposals! We are working hard on building the schedule asap!

I just found myself arguing code formatting tool solely from social viewpoint.

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I just responded to a prolog/datalog thread with "I want to say 'Bob's your uncle' here, but it looks like Bob might be your grandparent?"

I crack me up.

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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

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I've moved countries but I can't update my Google Play settings to reflect the new country without deleting my child's whole Google account, thereby losing all purchases and everything he's ever done in his games.

I cannot download regional bank and online shopping apps on my Google account because I have a child younger than 13 on my family account, unless I opt to delete his account.

Absolutely idiotic.

Dear developers, what if I don't want an "alternative characters key" at all?

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Perhaps one of our most important blog post’s ever. A long and important read about how the foundations of democracy, with inalienable rights and freedoms, has been replaced by “control and surveillance”. Or as we call it; (L)awful interception.


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Was your data leaked in the #Facebook Data Breach? You Can Sue Facebook for Monetary Damages

If you live in the #EuropeanUnion or European Economic Area, you can seek monetary damages from Facebook. The #GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives you the right to monetary compensation where your data protection rights have been breached.

Digital Rights Ireland
are commencing a ‘mass action’ against Facebook on behalf of users who have been affected.

#EU #Europe

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Recently I released my old #utility I personally was using for last few years called “place-cursor-at” written in #Haskell (built on top of #X11 #Xlib). It helps to move your mouse cursor around your screens to specific approximate positions. Generally it helps to use the keyboard more and less the mouse.

It was released on #Hackage and #Stackage. And now it’s also available in #Nix and #NixOS 20.09. Give it a try:

nix-shell -p place-cursor-at --run place-cursor-at

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I didn't last without even a week 😞

Switching to while waiting for a new release.

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Okay, I have to admit, haskell language server is *AWESOME*


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I think people should only slag off programming languages they love. That is fair game because if you love a language it usually means you know it well enough to hate it. Slagging off a language you've never or hardly ever used, for whatever reason, is not a good look.

40 has landed in so the next few days/weeks will be painful as the extensions I rely on make the required changes. Living without will be particularly painful.

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