Today will be interesting. I'm trying out my idea of expanding my co-workers' minds by refactoring to FCIS. Let's hope I don't crash and burn 😁

Languages they can choose between (original version), , and .

I think I've found a nice exercise (?) for FCIS. It's originally , I put it in a repo and translated it to . Anyone interested in writing a version in their favourite language?

What types/libs/papers should I look at for inspiration to write a system that is centred around `HTTP PATCH`?
That is, a system where multiple parties provide pieces of the information in no particular order. In particular I'd like to avoid littering `Maybe` all over my types.

Can I somehow turn a `Var [UUID] v` into a `[Var UUID v]` in ?
My model is based on `Var UUID v`, but one of the actions' `commandExecute` returns `m [UUID]`. Am I stuck, or is this possible?

I'm not really enjoying the 30+ min build times I see currently in a project at work. What should I look at for dealing with it?

First step taken toward property-based testing of one of the services that make up the product at work. Now all that remains is adding all actions and completing the model.

It is surprisingly easy to find info on "how to implement optics", and surprisingly difficult to find info on "how to solve problems with optics"!
Given that optics come from DBs, wouldn't it be nice to have an "optics for the SQLer"?

Has anyone already played with building on actions (CI/CD)?

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