Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

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new Wikidata Image Positions feature: you can now add new “depicts” statements right in the tool!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LucasWerkmeistr/st

Do you have extra Microsoft Rewards points from accidentally searching Bing? You can redeem them as donations to Wikipedia, 1000 points for $1.


Here's a privacy feature you can set up with ProtonMail and iOS 13. 👍

1. Tap Shortcuts > Automation > Create Personal Automation
2. Select Arrive > Choose "USA" for Location
3. Tap Add Action > Select the ProtonMail app > Tap Wipe Local Data

Public service announcement to #Gab and #Spinster instances. Boost if you agree.


new macOS wants me to use zsh instead of bash


i dunno man

you know the only reason they did that was because they refuse to ship GPLv3 versions of bash so it was getting too old and broken


maybe just ship GPLv3 stuff like everybody else instead of being dicks, apple

there are a lot of email validation regexes that claim to catch almost all valid addresses but i've only ever seen one claim that it matches the RFC perfectly, and it's incredible


Der scope resolution operator (in vielen Sprachen "::") heißt auf Deutsch anscheinend "Gültigkeitsoperator". Das habe ich zuerst als "Gleichgültigkeitsoperator" gelesen und eigentlich ist das eine gute Idee.

Ich präsentiere den Gleichgültigkeitsoperator:



5 mod 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0

("einfach mal Fünfe gerade sein lassen")

Bist du in den letzten 6 Monaten von oder nach 🇦🇹 Österreich geflogen? Dann kannst auch du mitmachen mit einer Beschwerde gegen die #Fluggastdatenspeicherung! #PNR

Wir haben dir eine Anleitung vorbereitet und diese findest du hier: epicenter.works/content/schrit

Pet peeve: corporations that ask for free homepage links to their products in order to grant a nonprofit discount. That's not a discount, that's a sponsorship agreement.

Found Joplin as a very suitable replacement!

Similar layout than Evernote

Markdown with live preview

Sync with Nextcloud/Dropbox/OneDrive, WebDAV, client-side encryption

Apps for Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/Terminal(!)

Open source

Localizations (including and )


The latest version of #rustlang started warning about missing `dyn` keywords. You don't have to add them by hand! Run:

cargo fix --edition-idioms

and it'll automatically add all the missing bits of the syntax.

Uploaded mtpng crate 0.1.0 -- crates.io/crates/mtpng

No documentation and the API's not very stable... but this reserves my project name and gives me an impulse to fix those things up proper. ;)

Want to try using it in GNOME and Firefox for large screenshots, which are slow to compress on slow CPUs but can parallelize well with mtpng.

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