Today, the US of A remember all their military invasions of other countries, or for short:

#Tubelab, an open source Android app for #Peertube is available on Google and soon with #FDroid.

It will need your help by testing it and get your feedback.

Every small contributions is a step for going further. So, don't hesitate to test it :) Thank you.

Boosts appreciated :)

Account on Mastodon: @Tubelab

Pascal's wager: i bet these numbers would look real neat organized into a triangle

I don't want no shrubs
A shrub is a plant that won't get much care from me
Doesn't grow very high
I'll just pass it by
"Give it to the Knights who say Ni"

This is such a typical story for Google:

- "You can now buy music from Google Play Music!"
- (User buys music)
- "We're retiring Google Play Music. Please migrate to YouTube Music or you'll lose access."
- (User migrates to YouTube Music)
- (User plays music via new app)
- Ad starts blaring through speakers
- "For an ad-free experience and background playback, please buy a YouTube subscription now!"

I only bought a few albums there. Thankfully they'll at least let you download them.

your molecules have been declared an unlawful assembly

please disperse into your constituent atoms immediately

Go try the new Vector skin for desktop on Wikipedia!
(In Settings, pick Vector skin, then uncheck the "legacy" box below)

The story of Icarus and his wings is the original "it compiles, let's ship it!"

The useless Google Meet tab on Gmail for Android can be removed by unchecking it in settings, but you kinda have to search for it.

Isn't it ironic that the only continent not colonized by ants is Ant-arctica?

Elon Musk adopted by Bill Gates.
Now elongates

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