I'm strongly considering moving from my current laptop (MacBook Pro mid-2015) to a Lenovo ThinkPad or Carbon X1. Should I consider other Linux laptops like System 76, etc.?

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Reminder that cancel culture is a thing white people made up to avoid being held accountable for their actions. ✨

Is there a version of Dropbox that will run on a headless Raspberry Pi? I’m thinking I can’t just apt install dropbox-cli

Just took a look at “Parler” for the first time. It was also my last time. Seeing technology abused for the purpose of spreading hate and racism is depressing.

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"hey I have a great idea: what if people could get books for free?"
"doesn't scale."
"how do you monetize?"
"VC firms just won't be interested"

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I am thankful for the community on Mastodon.

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I am enjoying Bitwarden as my password manager. The cross platform goodness is working very well.

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Democrats that are now free to relocate away from metro centers are going to majorly fuck up Republican districts.
Remote work is going be fought tooth and nail by Republicans, federal employees being their primary target.

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Say it with me kids:

Disabling paste on your password entry makes your users' accounts LESS secure.

Stop making your users less secure.
Stop It.

I know we're in the age of GUI GUI GUI but I still really prefer Pine/Alpine to handle email. It's simple, to the point, and gets out of my way.

My work Windows 10 (1803) laptop uses 6GB RAM just idling. I find this a little disconcerting.

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Look, I know the world is on fire, and there are far bigger problems to solve right now, but like... can we just fucking adopt the metric system already?

You know what works reliably? Physical keyboards.

I'm tweaking my Ubuntu MATE setup a bit with various dark themes. Anyone have a favorite they'd like to recommend? I want something as dark as possible but with some hints of LCARS coloring for highlights.

We need more touchscreens and less voice assistant eavesdropping. We could all use the exercise and the privacy.

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