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Me: this is terrible UI!

Wife: UI is User Interference, then?

Sooner or later I'll implement WebMention on my blog. Seems fairly easy to do:

I think I'll just make my endpoint send me an email on mentions, and manually add references as needed on posts - the blog is statically generated and javascript free after all.

Oh my, Salesforce is buying Slack! That’s just the funniest thing ever! 😂

Google to stop preferring AMP in search results

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉


The German Government's new campaign is very clever and, dare I say it, funny.


How can removing a git submodule be so complicated? Isn't that something people do?

My worry though is that the benefits of interoperability are starting to fade from the cultural memory. Nobody remembers anymore how cool it was that you could use Pidgin to talk to friends on MSN, AIM, Gchat, and Facebook all at once. The more that memory fades, the more abstract it gets to talk about the benefits of interoperability.

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The translations are gloriously machine translated, and terribly amusing. I haven't seen this many rude words on a website in decades, I think.

Thinking a bit about what the "new web" should be, I think my current stance is something like "modern web minus javascript, server-controlled cookies and off-domain resources". By extension that'll also get rid of Web-USB and stuff like that.

onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

The web standards are far too complicated, it's practically impossible to write a browser today. I'm starting to agree with Drew that it's time to move on to something new.

So apparently Arq listens to user feedback, and is reverting to a native GUI on macOS in version 7. Nice!

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