I half-remember installing and/or using WinSock, which makes me feel somewhat old.

My first instinct when I see protests over another man felled by police or their deputized partners is that black people should retreat and do our own thing but then I remember the MOVE siege youtu.be/qNVhow85mQs

So, like, I don't know *what* we can do while this country exists.

”Mike Pompeo Is the Worst Secretary of State Ever”


Always something to hide and cover up 😐

The RSS ecosystem seems to be thriving if this Lobsters thread is anything to go by. So many diverse workflows and clients, each tailored to that person’s use cases and preferences.


@RandomDamage I think I still have some TV cabling in parts of the house, one rainy day I should test this. Just wondering if I have suitable access points to work with…

Nothing puts "generic" code to the test like actually trying to add new use cases. Need to add support for a new class of hardware to my firmware upgrade engine, and it looks like it'll take a fair bit of work.

The FOSS North conference has been delayed until November, but they're putting up lightning talks and in a week some of the scheduled talks from the conference, free to view: youtube.com/channel/UCQvR8lgE9

The top level bearssl Makefile is a thing of beauty:

# The lines below are a horrible hack that nonetheless works. On a
# "make" utility compatible with Single Unix v4 (this includes GNU and
# BSD make), the '\' at the end of a command line counts as an escape
# for the newline character, so the next line is still a comment.
# However, Microsoft's nmake.exe (that comes with Visual Studio) does
# not interpret the final '\' that way in a comment. The end result is
# that when using nmake.exe, this will include "mk/Win.mk", whereas
# GNU/BSD make will include "mk/Unix.mk".

# \
!ifndef 0 # \
!include mk/NMake.mk # \
include mk/SingleUnix.mk
# Extra hack for OpenBSD make.
ifndef: all
0: all
endif: all
# \

@sir I try my best to buy from gog instead whenever possible, the Steam client is a horror

This is a nice illustration of the value of spreading disease cases over time, even if the resetting animation is a bit distracting.


Alright, now I'll need to implement delete_block_chain(root_block)…

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