Just had a lightbulb moment and that the word ”lightbulb” got its name from plant bulbs. It’s pretty damn funny! 💡

In Swedish they’re called ”glow lamp”, of course - no nonsense poetic license.

”Thoughts on Voice Interfaces”

I’m not a big fan of voice interfaces, but sometimes it’s useful.


Bad North is a nice game! Playing on iPad of course.

C99, plus anon structs/unions and static assertions from C11, minus macros. This is the best programming langauge we have so far, by a huge margin. And that's pretty weaksauce if you ask me

Proud moments:

Really dangerous memory allocator.

Will happily allocate the same memory for multiple purposes. Circular buffer,
nothing is freed.

Oh damn....here we go again with the berries and the life cycle. Another whoknowshowmanyboostscomingup


What to do about a team that has too many responsibilites, and where there's no sense of ownership of all those responsibilities?

Having a ten minute build/test cycle is terribly inefficient.

Pretty flowers growing in our garden. Apparently also totally toxic, two leaves is a leathal dose 😳

We may not be keeping it.

Rarely have I seen as much moaning and complaining on the Internet as they’ve collected on the HN comments page about the keynote. Do people really have nothing better to do?

What do you, it Just Worked(tm)!

Let me just say: phew.

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Let's upgrade Jira to the latest version, shall we… What could possibly go wrong?

Fedi usage PSA 

Don't. Use. Link. Shorteners.

Every link you post that's longer than 23 characters is treated as though it's 23 characters long.

Link shorteners do *nothing* except

1. Allow for folks to be tracked and their IP's exposed in some cases.
2. Obscure what you're linking and cause people not to trust that you're not going to link them something malicious.

Stop using them.

General shout out to itch.io for being great

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