How have I only just discovered Cloudpilot! Run PalmOS and applications in the browser. 😍 I can still scribble out a sentence with Graffiti! ✍️

Primel 20 5/6


This is way nerdier than the word game.

So, why doesn't the ADC seem to work on my LPC55S28…? I can read CPU temp, but analog pins are only getting bogus data…

IMHO "show whitespace" in editors shouldn't draw single spaces as alternate glyphs; only tabs and multiple spaces are of interest.

I just cancelled my #EFF membership and will not be spending to them, can also not recommend anyone to do that.

The reason?

It looks like they are looking to push forward "Web3" and cryptocurrencies. Both bullshit, speculative technologies that create more real problems than they solve.

If you are an #EFF member, maybe consider sending them an email cancelling your membership demanding them to change course.

Update: it's no longer being published, apparently the English wikipedia page isn't up to date. In 2007 it was converted to a webpage run by a government agancy, an no longer considered a newspaper. Boo! Hiss!

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TIL Sweden has a newspaper that's been produced since 1645 (although it's been digital since 2006). Apparently the oldest one world-wide that's still published.

I need more desk space in my home office. Lots and lots of it.

Build time on "old" M1 iMac: 7,53 seconds. On new M1 Pro: 4,87 seconds.

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Syncthing and VPN up and running. Let’s check out some code and get some work done.

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Alright, now Photos has been analyzing images for about 12 hours and is still not done. Many photos and videos!

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Kinda impressive that I’ve been able to keep going on basically the same user profile/home dir since 2006 with no clean re-installs. Well done Apple.

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This is the first time I’m not transferring my previous laptop data, starting from scratch to get rid of old cruft. Takes forever to install everything…

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Looking forward to unpacking my new MBP tonight!

TIL that Apple's "Hide my email address" leaks information: the auto-generated address is of the form number-word-word@icloud, but the words aren't always in English - they're in a language selected based on the user's data.

So anywhere I use the feature can figure out I'm Swedish. A bit unexpected, I'd say.

On a quest to cleanse my information from the world's recruting agencies with the power of GDPR.

Try browsing #art or related #tags to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on #NFT.

Borrowed from @bogswallop

What the… ads in the Settings app about "Microsoft Rewards"? That's way past some kind of line, Microsoft.

Started looking at what podcast editors look like, and brainstorming features. Still weird!

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