what's really going to blow your mind is the realization that all you need in order to be a professional in an industry is the skills to figure out how to do something, but not the actual knowledge to do that thing...

I'm disappointed that I have not yet seen anyone talking about what the partnership between Google and Canonical to bring Flutter to Linux could mean to the future of Linux phones. I see this move as having potential to be a game changer with more apps built on flutter and thus being Linux compatible by default. I'm of this opinion, but I'd like to hear the opinion of someone more knowledgeable on the matter.

ok. Apparently you can get rid of this annoyance by editing an internal CSS file. But, sincerely, I'd rather use some other browser over fiddling with one I don't even like.

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Redrafting the root of a thread makes it lose the reference to its children, so here's the link to the start of the thread: mastodon.technology/@luvicsour

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Can we dub Firefox the worst browser ever (now that edge is chromium-based and IE is no longer)? It's dev tools are nothing like chromium's and someone thought it'd a good idea to put a god-awful overlay that can not be disabled by any means whatsoever and forces me to close certain tabs in chrome/chromium using the context menu, because it had to be placed right above one of the possible positions for the tab close button.

Unfortunately I still have to use Flash for work (damn legacy systems) and the awful browser still supports it out of the box, otherwise I'd never use it to begin with.

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if there's any gnome extension that forces this to be an appindicator or outright removes this BS (it could've been a nice feature, if the implementation was different), please let me know.

One of the wonders of using Linux is that I don't need to cope with a distro's default shell. i.e. I've just swapped lxde for gnome-shell. Finally using Lubuntu as a guest will not be a pain in the neck.

Is it just me or do other people prefer the music style and themes in Dan Bull's Face over his gamercentric songs? Don't get me wrong I love those songs, but I do love his second album better

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