For example, if you think the current and former time zone statements of South Korea ought to have preferred and normal rank, rather than normal and deprecated, you can fix them in one edit:

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I wrote a new tool for Wikidata! It’s called “Ranker” and lets you edit the ranks of several statements at once.

@Harmonia_Amanda since I don’t have Mastodon on my phone, is it okay if I send you my reading musings over Telegram? ^^

@Harmonia_Amanda shit’s wild, I quote-tweeted your pinned tweet ( and apparently people can see it and interact with it but I get *no notifications* when they retweet, like, or reply to it

Tomorrow I’ll do a livestream where I play the piano! 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC), one hour, here:

fedi noob question 

Do people on Mastodon not fav as much as people like on Twitter? I think of them as equivalent, but am very confused by some RT-to-fav ratios I’ve seen here (often I’m the only one to fav, which feels bizarre).

Announcement: In general, I’d like to reduce the bus factor of the tools I write on my own; if you’re interested in co-maintaining them, you can always contact me. See for a bit more on this.

The tool now supports editing as well! Click the “add region” button, then drag the mouse across the image with the left mouse button held down.

If you’re logged in via OAuth, the edit is made directly, otherwise the tool copies QuickStatements syntax to your clipboard. See for more documentation.

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