@ldurrant crazy beautiful... one of my most anticipated games! in love with it since I saw the demo in the godotcon (I think it was godotcon)

@quad waybar is quite cool. Another solution is i3blocks on top of the swaybar

@Miredly I find oh-my-zsh a little too much IMO, I also tried prezto and even it' lighter it's a little weird to manage, so now I just use zplug as a plugin manager with only the main things I really use... You can check it out github.com/lucasfs7/dotfiles/b

@Miredly great album, all three in your bandcamp are awesome... thanks for sharing it (so I could find it and listen) and keep up with the great work

@doliu666 you can try davmail, never tried but I heard it works like a proxy syncing your exchange account and transforming it into imap/smtp, caldav, carddav, etc, then you can use any other email client you want

@polychrome I was reading a discussion related yesterday... I don't use this kind of software, so it's hard for me to say if it's useful or not, but maybe it helps reddit.com/r/linux/comments/ah

@wicked depending on your distro choice, I'd recomend trying out elementary OS, it simple, beautiful and just works out of the box... but beteeen the 2 you mentioned, you should go with plasma, I switched to it for quite some time now and can't see me going back to gnome for now

@fool play.google.com/store/apps/det is a nice option, using for quite some time... I like the widget options for a quick overview in the home screen and clicking on it I have everything else

@ayushsharma22 firefox have an extension called containers, you can isolate this website to not have access to the rest of browser data, like cookies, etc

@BabyWOGUE qBittorrent is cool and is on flathub now, but also kde have a flatpak repo for it's apps, they have almost everything there

@lotus42 I like how myki works, and the app + browser extension are pretty nice and it's free

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