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Thanks for 4,000 followers on Twitter!

Congratulations to the team on 25 years!

Here's to another 25! 🎉
Today is ! Join the celebrations or make your own party!

Lubuntu Development Newsletter #9 is out!

We're switching to Wayland for the 20.10 release, the 16.04 to 18.04 upgrade has been enabled, and much more!

RT using lubuntu makes me feel at home.

Great episode of covering our new direction:

Coverage starts at 3:05, although the whole video is worth watching.

RT Saved a small computer lab from windows. Lubuntu all the things.

Ahora podréis leer las noticias, posts del blog y demás de en español.

2018 and I'm burning a DVD with 'cause my old Pentium 4 refuses to boot from USB.

@LokiRagnarok @steveisbanned Did you end up going for Lubuntu? Anything released is to be considered stable.

If you like what you see, you might want to try 18.10, as it's using Qt rather than Gtk (though not stable yet).

Thanks to @moa_party we're now tooting tweets and vice versa so expect to see a lot more here!

This Week in Lubuntu Development #8 is out!

We write about the polish that's been happening on the Lubuntu Cosmic dailies, some infrastructure changes, and our Lubuntu Spanish group!

This Week in Lubuntu Development #6 is out!

We give a general update, announce the End of Life date for Lubuntu 17.10, give information on SouthEast LinuxFest, and more!

In the third issue of This Week in Lubuntu Development, we tell you about the Qt updates coming to the Bionic Beaver, some changes to the Lubuntu Manual, and much more!

In the second issue of This Week in Lubuntu Development, we tell you about the 18.04 Final Beta, utilization of the minimal install option in Lubuntu, and much more!

In "This Week in Lubuntu Development" #1, we update you on what's been happening in Lubuntu recently, and the plans for 18.04, as well as infrastructure changes, and a new logo!

Are you looking to get involved with Lubuntu? Testing is a great way to start!

Help the Lubuntu Team test the release candidate Lubuntu 16.04.4 ISOs so they can be released on Thursday! More details are available on our mailing list: