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Lubuntu @lubuntu

has always been an all-inclusive distribution. Many of our contributors have non-traditional sexual/gender identities, for example.

This may not be apparent, but now with our mascot, Lenny, showing his leather/bear side, maybe it's a little more obvious 🤗

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If you like LennyBear, you also may like the many other faces of Lubuntu's mascot, available, even in png AND svg!


@lubuntu I saw this post by chance in my #art search outings. My name in it didn't federate without the curator in front. :) Love all the art. Is this Redwolf's work?

@Curator @lubuntu i don't feel like logging into that account right now so i'll just reply from here. yes, that is @redwolf 's work, as is most everything in lubuntu. we're blessed to have him!