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Instead of showing my own desktop this Sunday I thought to take a moment to show my mom's desktop! 😁

Her laptop is kind of slow and and I think there is a lot of dust in it making it heat up a lot, but it's also really hard to open and do stuff with.

But yeah, since it's slow we went for the @lubuntu distro. I also helped her customize her desktop thing, but she is able to do most of that stuff herself.

#lubuntu #linux #open-source #floss #foss

¡Excelente! Buen trabajo,

Nuevo post: (I) LXQt 0.13.0 en lubuntu 18.10 – Todo Blur

¡Perl 5.28 estará muy pronto en Ubuntu Disco Dingo! (y por tanto, en las imágenes diarias de Lubuntu)

Las imágenes diarias están disponible para descagar aquí:

Mas información sobre Disco Dingo en:

Perl 5.28 transition underway, wide uninstallability is to be expected in sid for the next days!

Perl 5.28 is coming to Ubuntu Disco Dingo (and thus the Lubuntu dailies) soon!

The dailies are available for download here:

More information on the Disco Dingo is here:
Perl 5.28 transition underway, wide uninstallability is to be expected in sid for the next days!

¡¡Las imágenes diarias de Disco Dingo están siendo lanzadas! Puede descargarlas aquí: Puede encontrar más detalles sobre Disco Dingo aquí:

The Disco Dingo dailies are now being spun!

You can download them here:

More details about the Disco Dingo can be found here:

Os recordamos que si sois hispanoparlantes y usáis o pensáis usar Lubuntu, tenéis un lugar en Telegram donde poder compartir experiencias, dudas, colaborar en el desarrollo y en definitiva, pasar un buen rato,¡Únete a nosotr@s!

¡Feliz Halloween!

¡Lenny se ha vestido para la ocasión! Ya llevó ese conjunto para el ciclo 15.10 (Willy Werewolf).
Comparte tus historias de horror en el campo de IT, aunque Lubuntu no tenga que ver - ¡Cualquier historia de horror sobre IT vale!

Happy Halloween!

Lenny's all dressed up for the occasion! He wore this costume for the 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) cycle.

Share your IT horror stories! It doesn't have to involve Lubuntu - any IT horror stories count!

Todo listo! Las computadoras del están bajo el sistema Lubuntu 18.04 TLS con los paquetes ofimáticas @LubuntuOfficial @ZEPortuguesa @FundabitPortugu

Do you know Lubuntu has an official subreddit?

Subscribe to the subreddit and contribute to discussions! We answer support questions, share screenshots, and generally discuss Lubuntu, all in one place!

Lubuntu 19.04 will be codenamed the Disco Dingo! Development for the cycle now begins.

Want to help out? Join us!

Lubuntu 19.04 tendrá el nombre en código Disco Dingo! El ciclo de desarrollo comienza ahora.

¿Quieres ayudar? ¡Únete a nosotros!

Lubuntu 18.10 a toda máquina.

Do you live in Australia or are on that part of the world? We're looking for new Lubuntu contributors that can help fill the time zone gap we currently have.

You don't need to know how to code, we need help in all areas!

Join our development group:

Thank you for the fair review, a lot of these points are common pieces of feedback and we'll work on addressing them for 19.04. 👍
DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 787 Released!

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