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How to make a cheap (pine)apple pc: get a white hp, install ubuntu/lubuntu and then add a snazzy pineapple wood sticker

Lubuntu now has a Discourse community to discuss anything Lubuntu. Join it today!


If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out.

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@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com I have to give you guys credit, man. What you did in 19.04 is amazing. This recoding purely in Qt has made the GUI zippy fast and lightweight. And you'd almost think this was an LTS release.

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@lfnw@twitter.com 2019 @ubuntu@twitter.com @kubuntu@twitter.com @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com @ubuntustudio@twitter.com

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This weekend I will be at @lfnw@twitter.com to talk about @ubuntu@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, and open source.

Stop by the Ubuntu booth or attend some of my talks to say hi!

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Lubuntu 19.04 Released with Latest LXQt Desktop and Calamares Installer buff.ly/2VfHF6V @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com

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Laptop rocking Lubuntu 19.04. Thanks for the modded Kernel! Thanks Hong Jen Yee! LXQT is Awesome. Lubuntu is the BEST use of a

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Lubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo showcases LXQt in a better way - youtu.be/dcf1WTlVWbU

More screenshots - distroscreens.blogspot.com/201

@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com @LXQtOfficial@twitter.com

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On @ubuntu@twitter.com 19.04. @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com

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Release Candidate (maybe final) Disco Dingo builds ready to @ubuntu@twitter.com @kubuntu@twitter.com @Xubuntu@twitter.com, @ubuntustudio@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_Kylin@twitter.com, @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com, @UbuntuBudgie@twitter.com Login:
iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/mi Test, test, test, report bugs, log bugs

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Release Candidate (and testable!) Disco Dingo builds ready to test (hint hint!) lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubun @ubuntu@twitter.com @kubuntu@twitter.com @Xubuntu@twitter.com, @ubuntustudio@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_Kylin@twitter.com, @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com, @UbuntuBudgie@twitter.com
Please log into iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/mi Plz test, report bugs, log bugs

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This month:
* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python (@ThePSF@twitter.com), @freeplane@twitter.com , and @darktable_org@twitter.com
* Graphics : Inkscape
* @UBports@twitter.com Devices: OTA-8
* My Opinion: GDPR Pt3
* Linux Loopback: BSD
* Interview: Simon Quigley (@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com )

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Plan on using @lubuntu as my primary OS for my #Snap dev VM. Nice and lightweight.Can't wait for the next LTS with #LXQt !

Lubuntu now has the full LXQt stack in our Jenkins instance: ci.lubuntu.me

The output, which has builds for both Cosmic and Disco, is available here: launchpad.net/~lubuntu-ci/+arc - don't enable this on production machines!

The next step is a Backports PPA.

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My ancient Acer laptop finally died. (☹️RIP), so I got a used Dell laptop for cheap. Of course, the first thing I did was wipe it & install my favorite distro, @Lub@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.comttps://t.co/Sp0ykVB7EJ

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@switchingsocial @lubuntu on one of my old netbooks I had a Lubuntu setup themed like Windows 95. It was great

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