Congratulations to for becoming a member of the Lubuntu Council, and thanks to for running!

This special election was held to replace's spot, who has stepped down. Thank you for your work!

Results here:

Give us some feedback on Lubuntu 19.10!

Share your screenshots and tell us about your experience with the latest release of Lubuntu.

from the last 2 days..
hopping around a few linux distros.
I came to know that linux distros are pretty resource hungry.
may be the fact that they are not well optimized..
many performed badly on my i5-8265u.
finally settled on lubuntu.

I'm working to remove Qt 4 from Ubuntu by the 20.04 release, as Qt 6 is right around the corner.

The Lubuntu Team would like to remind you that time is running out but you can still enter our wallpaper contest for 19.10.

Head over to our Discourse forum to enter:

The wallpaper selection committee plans to begin reviewing the entries on 9/4/2019.

Por fin a llegado el día, los esperamos a tod@s! para más información

ya pilotie un avion jet en mi linux lubuntu flightgear simulador open source de codigo abierto miren la foto captura que saque en mi pc

With 19.10's Feature Freeze coming up, we're getting most of our major changes for this cycle finished up and pushed to users.

Here's the release blocker list:

We could always use more help, and not just with code! Join us:

RT EeePC 1001P running Lubuntu serving mostly as a random catchall terminal.

I think Im finally adjusting to the Linux ecosystem. As long as my install holds up, my new best friend may be a penguin.

Greetings from! Goodbye Windows Vista, HELLO LINUX!!!

The Lubuntu Team is excited to launch new Portuguese and Russian groups, which you can find here:

Melhor Ubuntu que tem é esse aí.

Tamamen bitik bir bilgisayarı tekrardan ayağa kaldıran açık kaynak ve Linux'a tekrar hayran kaldım.

Instalando o GNOME no meu Lubuntu 19.10 e fazendo um vídeo sobre isso. No meu Atom kkkk.

RT will also be participating in 2019

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