Good news: we just got a FFe (Feature Freeze Exception) which is to say we have extra time to develop this cycle

Bad news: everytime I sit down to do sit down and work on something on the TODO list another 2 or 3 things get added

Moral of the story: help! 😂

Come join -devel on Freenode or get there on Matrix with or Telegram with and the mailing list at — Thanks in advance!

We just want to say thanks to for providing hosting for a lot of Lubuntu's infrastructure! We wouldn't be able to do much of our recent work without it.

Lubuntu Development Newsletter #11 is out!

We welcome to the Lubuntu Artwork Team, announce new ways to interact with Lubuntu via Telegram, and more!

In addition to our new Telegram groups, we now have a channel purely for announcements:

Just installed on a 2003 Acer Travelmate with a 2.0 Ghz single core Pentium M and 1 GB of RAM... the machine had never run so smoothly... or so fast. Fair play

RT reviews Redcore Linux, covers GNOME performance improvements, installer updates and how to prevent ISO files from being corrupted.

Lubuntu Development Newsletter #10 is out!

We answer some common questions about the Wayland switch, put out a call for social media moderators, and much more!

Acer Aspire One D255E corriendo

Bring up the champagne! Ubuntu Touch OTA4 has been released!

We have many performance improvements and security fixes. Know what else is new with the release notes:

Congratulations to our friends over at the project maintaining Ubuntu Touch!

Here's to another great release! 🎉
UBports Releases Touch OTA-4 for Ubuntu Phones, Finally Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Further pimpage.. have done an amazing job with the latest updates. My tiny Eee that was sitting there doing nothing a few months ago is now a smokin' hotrod of a machine! 😍

Ubuntu Membership Board call for nominations, for more details please visit the following link.

After Adopting , Is Switching to by Default for the 20.10 Release @LubuntuOfficial @tsimonquigley2

In case it's not obvious, we need testers to shake every branch of every tree before release.

Full speed ahead to 18.10!

In this email, Release Manager writes about the current state of Lubuntu daily images:

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My Follow Friday #FF this week is #Linux themed; I'm tagging @mxlinux, @lubuntu, @kde, @Purism and @jupitersignal.

Nice to see those chaps out and about in the Fediverse.

Congratulations to the team on 25 years!

Here's to another 25! 🎉
Today is ! Join the celebrations or make your own party!

Lubuntu Development Newsletter #9 is out!

We're switching to Wayland for the 20.10 release, the 16.04 to 18.04 upgrade has been enabled, and much more!

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