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This Week in Lubuntu Development #6 is out!

We give a general update, announce the End of Life date for Lubuntu 17.10, give information on SouthEast LinuxFest, and more!

In the third issue of This Week in Lubuntu Development, we tell you about the Qt updates coming to the Bionic Beaver, some changes to the Lubuntu Manual, and much more!

In the second issue of This Week in Lubuntu Development, we tell you about the 18.04 Final Beta, utilization of the minimal install option in Lubuntu, and much more!

In "This Week in Lubuntu Development" #1, we update you on what's been happening in Lubuntu recently, and the plans for 18.04, as well as infrastructure changes, and a new logo!

Are you looking to get involved with Lubuntu? Testing is a great way to start!

Help the Lubuntu Team test the release candidate Lubuntu 16.04.4 ISOs so they can be released on Thursday! More details are available on our mailing list:

Lubuntu 17.04 has reached End of Life, upgrade to 17.10 now!

Also have a look at the video made by community member Schyken on our new YouTube channel showing how to upgrade to 17.10:

Downloads - [br]Latest version[br]
The links below are for the current 17.10.1 release, Artful Aardvark, which is a point release to Lubuntu 17.10 fixing the issue affecting certain Lenovo laptops' BIOSes. You can find more details on this point release here.

It's better to use the [wpfa icon="magnet"] (magnet) link first (auto-verified downloads). For low-RAM (less than 700 MB) PCs use the Alternate versions .

[wpfa icon="exclamation-triangle"] Note: make sure -

Lubuntu 17.04 reaches End Of Life on Saturday, January 13, 2018 and Lubuntu 17.10 gets some Respins! Read more at

Join Phabricator - Inspired by the wonderful KDE folks, Lubuntu has created a Phabricator instance for our project. Phabricator is an open source, version control system-agnostic collaborative development environment similar in some ways to GitHub, GitLab, and perhaps a bit more remotely, like Launchpad.

We were looking for tools to organize, coordinate, and collaborate, especially across teams within the project. In particular, we wanted a taskboard similar to -

Lubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) Released! Grab it while it's hot

Experimenting with @matrix with end to end encryption. Come chat with us at or if you don't already have a client. Thanks to @disroot for their services!

- @wxl

Lubuntu 16.04.3 has been released!

This release does NOT include PowerPC, although users of the PowerPC platform can still receive updates. This is due to the fact that PowerPC users would be left with an unsupported kernel because PowerPC is no longer supported in the non-LTS releases.

More info:

Lubuntu Artful Aardvark Alpha 2 (soon to be 17.10) has been released! Also in this release (in addition to the usual LXDE ISO) is an experimental image with LXQt instead of LXDE.

You can grab the Lubuntu images from here:

You can grab the experimental Lubuntu Next images from here:

More info:

If you like LennyBear, you also may like the many other faces of Lubuntu's mascot, available, even in png AND svg!


has always been an all-inclusive distribution. Many of our contributors have non-traditional sexual/gender identities, for example.

This may not be apparent, but now with our mascot, Lenny, showing his leather/bear side, maybe it's a little more obvious 🤗

Did you know... you can download all Lubuntu official wallpapers from our Pinterest zone? Grab'em all! 😊