The Lubuntu Globalization and Infrastructure teams have been hard at work on delivering more non-English options for synchronous and asynchronous support.
More information here:

The Lubuntu Team would like to remind you that we are still running our artwork contest for the upcoming 21.04, Hirsute Hippo release. This is a great way to showcase your creative work and contribute to Lubuntu!
More on our forum:

The Lubuntu Team is running an artwork contest for the upcoming 21.04, release.

You can find out more information and enter on our discourse forum:

We look forward to seeing your artwork!

RT @Schykle
It's coffee time! Lenny, the fantabulous @LubuntuOfficial mascot is here to help me out 😎

RT @CyborgZeta
I decided to try Linux for the first time. I setup a multi-boot and installed @LubuntuOfficial on my 10 year old Dell Inspiron 560. Runs great on it; kudos to all the people that work on @LubuntuOfficial and other Linux distributions. I never knew such options existed until now.

RT @sillyposts
My backup (old) device is also now updated from @LubuntuLinux 18.04 to @LubuntuOfficial 20.04. While I like the chic , I shall miss the old .

RT @Schykle
My Lubuntu coffee mug came in! :D Thanks @LubuntuOfficial for all your hard work, it's greatly appreciated! (BTW you can get cool Lubuntu merch as well!

Are you new to Lubuntu? Do you want a quick reference for using the OS, written by Lubuntu developers?

Check out the Lubuntu Manual:

Code is here:
(Mirrored on GitHub here: )

RT @Leonard94132064
Really nice DE in this new version of @LubuntuOfficial congratulations to DE @LXQtOfficial nice work

RT @rgazapo
finishing of updating @LubuntuOfficial , 20.04 , lighting fast and very small memory footprint , what else you can need?

RT @edoardottt2
@3mm4h3ff I quit double only @LubuntuOfficial ♥️

RT @pbevis
Resurected 2 ancient laptops this weekend, including a Dell with a Pentium M(!), using @LubuntuOfficial. Slick process and runs really smoothly even on old kit. Now my daughter is happy she has her own laptop and I have to try and remember Unix commands I last used at uni.

RT @tsimonquigley2
A decent conclusion you could draw from all of this is, if you're going to report on Linux and actually try to attain a positive reputation from doing so, you must be connected to the community and software you are covering. You're doing a disservice otherwise.


RT @AiPhoenix
Oh , running so smoothly on dual core, 1GB RAM laptop. You are world's best operating system.💘@LubuntuOfficial

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