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Some countries are using the COVID-19 crisis to crack down dangerously on free speech, activists, and whistleblowers, even as those individuals help guide important information sharing and aid around the world.

Yeah I know C++

I make a .cpp file and then just write C

Took the 6502 implementation from my NES emulator, added some basic frame timing, and I got the start of an Atari 2600 emulator up and running in about an hour.

"How SNES emulators got a few pixels from complete perfection"

A great article from byuu about the last few inches of SNES emulation

@julienxx @epilys +1 for that post. those are all good books to look into.

Writing "modern C" doesn't exist in the way writing "modern C++" exists. The language + standard C library hasn't really changed much in past few decades. (That's a feature, by the way.) The newer bits are things like the C11, but I've never needed anything there.

Most of the newer/changing aspects of C are either below the C layer (compilers, architecture, libc implementations, etc), or the kinds of tools you use to write/test C code (debuggers, linters, build systems, etc). We as a species also seem to always be inventing new and creative ways to shoot ourselves in the foot with C, and there is a certain kind of wisdom that comes with that.

printf debugging has been sufficient for 99.9% of the errors I debug on a daily basis

mfw I was asked to revert a PR because bit masking is "too complex"

My local meetup groups have cancelled all their upcoming meetings, but are running Discord and Mattermost servers to keep in touch.

If more meetup groups do their meetings using these tools, I may actually be able to attend more of them :)

#Clojure Baby steps with Covid-19 data for (Clojure) programmers |

Working from home with a 10 month old child is... difficult.

My wife's first day back at work from maternity leave... and she's working from home. This is the first time we've both worked from home at the same time.

Counting down the time it takes for us to kill each other 😶

Interview with Jordan Mechner about developing Prince of Persia on the Apple II, working around its limitations

This website runs on solar power, and has a battery indicator overlay to show the current charge.

Finally started using deps.edn instead of leiningen/project.clj for personal projects.

Faster repl startup time via clj, and less boilerplate to define dependencies... why didn't I do this earlier?

Watched Silicon Cowboys and now I’m getting all nostalgic for the Compaq and Osborne computers I owned in the 90s.

I knew reality had gotten pretty cyberpunk, but this image really illustrates it powerfully. (source: )

today I discovered that because Microsoft thought the Zune “Z” device would become as iconic and obvious as Apple’s Apple, they left both their name *and the product name* off the Zune product line, so now there’s a small but consistent group of them listed on eBay as “Hello From Seattle” MP3 players

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