My brother has setup our childhood Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive in his apartment and is sending me pictures and videos of him playing games.

And here I am working like a schmuck!

Argued with someone on Facebook who is apparently into eugenics and letting older people die of COVID-19 as long as the lockdown ends. We’re not friends anymore. Also they’re an anti-vaxxer AND a 5G conspiracy theorist. I was just waiting for the flat earth posts to come through. So not much of a loss in the end I guess.

But before I start another project, I need to solve a few problems in the Atari 2600 emulator...

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I saw Janet doing the rounds on the internets in the past 24 hours.

I came across it several weeks ago, and it looks interesting, especially with the ability to embed it easily (a la Lua).

But for personal projects, I like that there's the Joy web framework and bindings to SQLite available. I've had the idea of running a dead-simple minimal wiki for my personal knowledge-base, and the idea of building my own with something like Janet sounds fun.

Sometimes I hate this devops world.

There's a shell script I need to run. I _could_ just run it on my laptop and it will generate the output that I need, since the heavy work is done by third-party APIs.

But, instead I need to figure out who to talk to to figure out how this Terraform template gets executed, and from which build system it's meant to be executed from, because apparently doing anything on your laptop is a no-no.

A 5 minute job just turned into at least an hour...

C Compiler for 6502 (C64) written in Forth 

Philip Zembrod has published a C-Compiler written in Forth that targets the 6502 CPU called cc64.

cc64 produces faster code than cc65 and Power C

I really like TypeScript, but other than purely front-end development, of which I have zero projects complicated enough to need it, I have almost no need for it and can't justify using it over Go or Clojure or Rust as a Node app for a networking server of some sort.

But it _is_ a neat language.

One of my Spotify daily mixes is full of melodic death metal, and it's full of awesome awesome stuff

Missile and ball sprites are working, and it's in color mode rather than black and white.

But the horizontal positions of the sprites are still wrong. And I have no idea why...

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Progress: some of the sprite positions are wrong, but the player sprites are mostly rendering.

Next up is the missile and ball sprites.

And then we'll see how close to the opening screen of Pitfall we are.

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It's 11pm. I'm on a work Zoom call. There are 9 people on this call, and we're all muted.

RIP John Conway.

Back in university, I wrote my first Game of Life simulator in Common Lisp, and loved to mess around with various patterns, but the glider gun was always my favorite.

Got the playfield working, and now the opening screen of Pitfall is taking shape!

Still some timing issues, going on, and the emulator is super slow for some reason, but progress is progress.

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wow sending ascii art by repeatedly curling a page with the user agent set to each line of the art actually works lmao

@sir I've had this problem. I decided to stop caring what the Rust community considers idiomatic until/if they become compiler errors.

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