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Blinky plays! And so does Pong and Tetris and Lunar Lander.

Still a few quirks to figure out, but still happy.

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CHIP-8 emulator on its way. Fun little project. First test rom passed. The games I've tested all have problems though.

Happy with the progress for a couple of hours of hacking away.

I'm pretty sure the rendering error near the bottom (at the bottom of the map) is a IRQ timing issue... just not sure why yet.

But otherwise, MMC3 mapper is done-ish, and I can play Super Mario Bros 2 and 3 ๐Ÿ˜

Added more debugging information to my emulator.

Left and right pattern tables are now displaying, along with the background and sprite palettes.

Need to work with SDL_ttf to add text next.

And then maybe I'll add the ability to show the current/previous/next CPU instructions (plus useful CPU debugging things) and maybe the ability to pause and step on a per instruction basis.

This _really_ wasn't what I was planning to work on at the moment, but I couldn't help it...

In Australia this was called Shadow Warriors, and I played the absolute shit out of the GameBoy version

... and after some time passes (because I haven't implemented controller access yet)

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Aw yiss, NES emulator is starting to display something that looks like actual things.

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