Took the 6502 implementation from my NES emulator, added some basic frame timing, and I got the start of an Atari 2600 emulator up and running in about an hour.

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Just enough of the TIA working to get a test rom rendering NTSC colors correctly!

Got the playfield working, and now the opening screen of Pitfall is taking shape!

Still some timing issues, going on, and the emulator is super slow for some reason, but progress is progress.

Progress: some of the sprite positions are wrong, but the player sprites are mostly rendering.

Next up is the missile and ball sprites.

And then we'll see how close to the opening screen of Pitfall we are.

Missile and ball sprites are working, and it's in color mode rather than black and white.

But the horizontal positions of the sprites are still wrong. And I have no idea why...

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